At Emarsys, we love agile development and continuous delivery. But we also like to get feedback from our customers on some features before we roll them out globally. That’s why we sometimes offer new functionality in a Pilot phase before general release. If you would like to know more about the pilot features, please read the documentation below and contact your Success Manager to discuss implementation.

What’s Out in the Cloud Right Now?

Emarsys AIM

Emarsys AIM (Artificial Intelligence Marketing) is a new solution that adds a layer of intelligent decision-making to many of our existing features. Using our newest, most innovative technology we can automate some of the most important (yet often ignored) decisions that you have to take. Our first two AIM products are ready for pilot testing.

  • Send Time Optimization
    We analyze your recipients’ response behavior and break down the launch of an email campaign over 24 hours so that each email reaches the inbox exactly when it has the most chance of being opened.
  • Incentive Recommendations
    Incentives can reduce revenue unnecessarily if they are sent to the wrong customers. We break down your recipient list based on the probability of purchase so you can invest your incentives where they will be most effective.

Other pilot features

  • Deliverability reporting by domain
    We have introduced ReturnPath seedlists and alerts to notify you early if it looks like you will have issues with an ISP.
  • Deliverability email content checks
    We analyze your email settings and content to highlight anything that might affect deliverability and give you the chance to correct it before you launch.
  • New Visual Content Editor
    We introduced a brand-new block-based editor with more flexible templates.
  • Open Time Content
    A new email widget lets you display content dynamically depending on where and when the email is opened.

What are Pilot Features?

Pilot features are fully developed and tested and are turned on for a small number of accounts while waiting for general release. They are listed on this page and you can spot them in the documentation by this flag: pilot-icon

We like to pilot every major product and feature with current users before we launch them on the general platform. This helps us to be sure that every feature works exactly as you need them to, not just as we think they should. We also do this with minor functionality if we want to test certain aspects of the usability, or if we simply don’t want to wait for the next documented release.

On this page you can always see which features are currently in pilot phase. This is not only to give you a good idea of what’s coming soon, it’s also a call to action. Do you want to be one of the few, the brave, the chosen test pilots? If so, please contact Emarsys Support.

API endpoints that are in pilot phase are listed on the API endpoints page. These do not need to be enabled by Emarsys Support and are rolled out to all users.

Note: The conditions for participation in pilot projects are covered in the Emarsys Master Services Agreement.