Spring Launch, March 2017

2017 is going to be a big year for Emarsys, and for our customers. We’ve so much new development in the pipeline – new integrations, a brand new decision-making layer based on artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) – and we want to share these exciting features with you as soon as we can.

To this end, we are going to release new products several times a year and give you the chance to participate in early-access pilots. This will give you the chance to give us feedback early and help us ensure that the final version truly reflects your marketing needs.

Products And Features Available Today

Pilot Products

Facebook Lead Ads

Lead Ads, a new addition to our CRM Ads offering, lets you connect your Facebook registration forms directly to your Emarsys account with a simple wizard. Grow your email list with new contacts and add them straight to automated welcome programs.

Registrations from new and existing contacts are collected into separate lists for each form, allowing you to target them with tailored engagement campaigns based on each point of contact.


Read more about it here:

Visual Content Editor

When creating a new email, you now have the option to use our new, intuitive content block editor.


Here you can select from a number of predefined templates, or create your own template on the fly.


The editor itself has an easy-to-use interface with a drag-and-drop features that let you build attractive marketing emails in record time.

Mobile Engage Segmentation

Segment and target contacts based on device information, mobile app behavior and custom events. Combine these with regular Emarsys segments for cross-channel engagement.

Read more about it here:

Mobile Engage Scheduling

Plan your mobile push campaigns in advance and schedule them to execute at your preferred time.


SMS Reporting

Enhanced reporting lets you monitor your SMS campaigns with greater precision and gain a deeper insight into your delivery rates.


Inbox Preview

Inbox Preview is now on general release. Many of you have been piloting this feature already, and for the rest of our customers this is now a pay feature available on demand (there is no longer a free version with two mail clients to test).


With over 75 mail clients to choose from, more features and faster loading times, you can now see how your emails appear in a wide combination of desktop and mobile clients, operating systems and browsers.

If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Success Manager.

Triggered Emails pilot-icon

Our new Triggered Emails feature is a scalable solution for time-critical emails. We are in early pilot stage for this product so if you are interested please contact your Success manager. In the meantime, you can get an idea of what this product can do here:

Send Time Optimization pilot-icon

When your customers are spread out all over the world, sending an email just when they want to read it is impossible. Or is it? Send Time Optimization is an artificial intelligence marketing (AIM) solution that uses learning algorithms to select the optimal time when each contact is most likely to take action.

Your email campaigns are broken down into multiple launches sent over 24 hours, ensuring that the sun will never set on your marketing activities.

Attention: This pilot is full and is currently not accepting any more applications.

Incentive Recommendations pilot-icon

Incentives are a vital tool in keeping customers loyal to your brand, but how often do you really need them? Incentive Recommendations is another tool in our AIM portfolio that rates your contacts according to how likely it is that an incentive will make a difference to their decision to purchase.


Now you can define a range of incentives and Emarsys decides whether a contact needs one or not and, if so, what level of incentive is likely to be effective. This flexible feature not only reduces the overall cost of your incentive strategy, but also lets you adapt your strategy to maximize either revenue or profit.


Read more about it here:

Third-party Integrations: Magento 2, Salesforce, Hybris, Oxid pilot-icon

Our new integrations let you pair your e-commerce platform data with the powerful marketing tools in Emarsys and trigger automated campaigns from the data itself. If you are interested in participating in the pilot stage for any of the following integrations, please contact your Success Manager.

  • Emarsys for Magento 2
  • Salesforce
  • Hybris
  • Oxid

Deliverability tools pilot-icon

We have two new tools to help you identify issues that could affect your deliverability rates before you click Send. If you are interested, please contact your Success Manager.

Deliverability Reporting

A Deliverability Reporting screen has been added to the Email Analysis page.


This shows the performance metrics of your campaign broken down for the ten most popular domains, and highlights anomalies that could indicate a problem with that ISP.

Read more about it here:

Deliverability Advisor

The Deliverability Advisor is accessible both from the Deliverability Reporting screen and also from the email content editor. This tool checks your email content against our best practice guidelines and highlights areas where you can take action to improve your email’s performance.

It also rates your overall deliverability score against our global averages so you can keep track of how well you are doing.


Read more about it here:

Predict Instant Search pilot-icon

Instant Search is a fast, dynamic search engine that you can add to your web shop. It comes as part of the Web Recommender package, and references both your product catalog and the Emarsys data collection scripts to give instant product recommendations based on the search terms.


Read more about it here:

Mobile Discovery pilot-icon

Mobile Discovery provides a new and distinctive way for customers to browse your catalog on their mobile devices. Referencing the Emarsys data collection scripts, it offers a selected range of relevant products and allows visitors to show their preferences with a simple swipe. Shortlists of favorite products can be built and this data can be later used for targeted engagement campaigns.


Read more about it here:

If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Success Manager.

Data Sources pilot-icon

The Date Sources page can be found in the Admin menu and provides a single overview of all your manual and automatic data uploads. For example, you can immediately see if any of your web shop data collection scripts are not performing properly, or if your product catalog is missing any items. You can also click through to the relevant pages to update your data load settings or make manual uploads.


Read more about it here:

If you are interested in this feature, please contact your Success Manager.