January, 2017

Welcome to 2017! Over the holiday period we took a number of usability issues that were reported by our users and used them to make improvements to the overall experience of the B2C Marketing Cloud.


General improvements in the B2C Marketing Cloud

Search field default setting

If you are using our extended search function, the default option was always to search in contacts by first name. We have now changed this to in contacts by email.


Note: This does not apply to the standard search function, where you can only search in contacts.

New filter for Automation Center programs

On the Automation Center overview page, you can filter the list for only your programs by selecting Show only my programs.


Opt-in status column for Display Contacts

Whenever you display a list of contacts (e.g. by clicking Display contacts in a contact list or segment, viewing contacts from one of the Analysis pages, or simply from a search), you can now see the opt-in status for each contact.


Advanced scheduling

The minus values we showed with the figures for contacts removed due to Opted out, Invalid address or Excluded have been removed on the Advanced Scheduling page of email sending.


Export time range limitation

When exporting contact data, the time range selector has been disabled for dates older than 13 months, as the reporting data is only available within this time period.


Improvements in Smart Insight and Predict

Improved sales data onboarding

  • You can now see your sales data files in the load queue on the Smart Insight Data Load screen, and then load them immediately if you wish. Files can be loaded with the Load Now button. We have also added a number of live validation checks to ensure that your data is formatted correctly.


  • It is also possible to upload historical sales data and to keep your sales data synchronized in Predict. You can do the upload either manually or through the API. Your sales data is loaded into Smart Insight as well.



You can zoom in the Top Products chart; use your cursor to click and select the area of the chart you are interested in. Switch back using the Reset Zoom button.