Now that you have looked at how you will transfer contact data in and out of Emarsys, we’d like to turn your attention to the types of campaigns you will be sending. Setting up your first campaigns in the Emarsys application is easy, so make sure you know exactly what your strategy is and you can be sure to get off to a flying start.

And of course Emarsys Support will be on hand to make sure you don’t make any mistakes that could cost you time or money.


Email Campaigns

Before we can start to send any email campaigns for you, we need to rebuild your sender reputation. Click the link below to read more about our IP warm-up program.

While you are working on this, we can prepare your first proper campaigns. Emarsys can send everything from large, batch campaigns to individually-targeted customer lifecycle messages and transactional emails. We also offer a host of email features, some of which are out-of-the-box and some which require implementation on our part or on yours. The type of campaigns you want to send will determine how you proceed with the next steps.

For this it helps us to know a bit more about your email marketing strategy. Below are the most important things to consider.

Mobile Campaigns

Emarsys offers a number of options for mobile messaging.

Both of these channels can be used on their own for batch messages, or as part of an omnichannel approach if you include them in Automation Center programs. You can also take advantage of mobile users on email by using mobile-responsive email design.

Web campaigns

Our web channel lets you engage your customers on social networks via targeted ads campaigns, and find new leads based on your highest-spending customers.