If you are a new Emarsys customer, Smart Insight onboarding is a logical continuation of your data onboarding. For existing customers, an overview of what you need to do is provided at the bottom of the page.



The diagram below gives an overview of the relationship and dependencies between Smart Insight and the rest of the application.


Many of the activities described here can take place in parallel, but some are dependent on the previous step being completed, so you can greatly reduce the time it takes to start sending intelligent customer lifecycle campaigns by considering the following:

  • Allocate your own resources appropriately and start your tasks as early as possible.
  • Respond to requests for information or action from Emarsys in a timely manner, as these are often blockers for the following steps.
  • It is easy to adjust and optimize your customer lifecycle segments after they are set up so don’t waste time trying to get them perfect straight away. The sooner you can start sending marketing campaigns, the sooner you can enjoy the ROI that Smart Insight delivers.


There are two prerequisites which have to be fulfilled before you can work with Smart Insight:

With these two steps completed, data profiling can begin.

Step 1 – Data profiling

Once your historical data has successfully been imported to Emarsys, Smart Insight can begin to profile this data.

In this step, we analyze the engagement and browse and purchase habits of your customers and provide the initial eRFM model for your customer lifecycle screens.

Emarsys Support will contact you when the analysis has been completed and then you can move forward and configure your screens and fine-tune your segments.

Step 2 – Configuring your Smart Insight screens

Once the Smart Insight profiling is complete and we have prepared the eRFM model for your customer lifecycle segments, you can immediately see them. This initial model is a starting point for discussion with an Emarsys Strategic Consultant, as the parameters you set here should match to your business model and objectives, and will lay the foundation for your future customer engagement strategy.

Important: You can’t begin to generate any revenue through Smart Insight before you start launching campaigns so try to perform this step as quickly as possible. Don’t expect to get it perfect first time, just make sure that the screens correspond more or less to what you expect and then move forward to launching your first marketing campaigns. Once they are up and running it is easy to optimize your segments and strategies based on real response data.

Step 3 – Launching your engagement programs

Now that you have been fully onboarded, it only remains for you to launch your targeted engagement campaigns and start watching your conversions and revenue improve.

For this you will of course need to have completed the rest of the Emarsys B2C Cloud Onboarding, in particular:

When this is completed, you can use our ready-made Automation Center blueprints to kick-start your engagement campaigns.

Smart Insight onboarding for B2C Marketing Cloud customers

If you are already using Emarsys to send marketing campaigns and programs, but are not using Predict, the diagram below gives an overview of the steps still needed for you to get started with Smart Insight.


In other words, you simply need to complete the full data onboarding and then you can proceed with Smart Insight onboarding from Step 1 as described above.

Smart Insight onboarding for Predict customers

If you are already using Predict, you have already completed most of the data onboarding. You will need to import your historical sales data, and then you just need to inform Emarsys Support and they can start profiling your data immediately.


Note: It is possible to generate the sales items files using Web Extend, if you cannot do it yourself. Please contact Emarsys Support for details.