Now that you have your Emarsys account set up and have created your first users, we will take you through some decisions regarding how to manage your contact data and email content, as well help you set up and launch your first email campaign and export the responses.

Before we start, however, there are a few other tasks that take a little longer to complete, so we recommend starting with them first.


Deliverability Compliance

Emarsys has one of the best sender reputations in the industry and we work very hard to keep it that way. We insist that all of our customers adhere to our guidelines and policies when it comes to content and sending strategy.

If your emails do not meet the industry standards for deliverability, it could delay the time until you are ready to send your first campaign. Below you can find our guidelines and other helpful information that will make sure your emails hit the inbox right from the start.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our Deliverability policy documents, which can help you ensure that your email campaigns enjoy the excellent delivery rates right from the start. A full list of these documents can be found here:

This page also links to some Emarsys blogs which provide insight and examples into why you should pay careful attention to this aspect of your digital marketing strategy, as well as to our Email Best Practices guidelines.

Email templates

The Emarsys email templates are a fast and efficient way for you to create great-looking and effective email campaigns. Based on your designs, these templates are created with a variety of content, ranging from hard-coded elements such as headers or footers, to standard pre-formatted sections and finally to free areas available for complex editing directly in the source code.

The templates are designed within a framework which ensures your emails are displayed properly in all standard web-based, desktop and mobile mail clients. The requirements for this framework are listed in the document below. All email designs must be compliant with this document before they will be accepted by the Emarsys Web Development team.

Before you start to think about the look and feel of your template, make sure that you are absolutely clear what the message of the email will be. This will have a knock-on effect for the rest of the decisions you make.

Questions to consider include:

  • Your campaign is a direct channel from you to the inbox of your customers; does it reflect your corporate CI and represent your brand?
  • Does the overall layout fit your industry sector?
  • Is this a seasonal campaign (such as Christmas Sales), a one-off (such as a welcome email), or a recurring one which will need regular content changes?

Using your own HTML code

If you will be using your own HTML code, or have an agency which handles your email creatives, you may find these guidelines for best practices in creating emails useful:

If you have any questions regarding template design, the Emarsys Strategic Consultants will be happy to advise you.