To upload your product catalog, and to keep it synchronized, open your Emarsys account and go to Predict > Dashboard and in the Data Collection section click CATALOGS. This will take you to the Catalogs page.


Choosing your catalog format

First, choose whether you will be uploading a catalog that is formatted to the Emarsys standards or for the Google Product Feed.

Making your first upload

When you have chosen your format, you can make your first upload either by placing your catalog on a publicly available URL or by browsing for it.


To upload your catalog, choose one of the following options:

  • Place your catalog on the URL and paste the URL into the Catalog URL for scheduled updates field, then click Save and Update from URL now.
  • Click Update from file and then browse for your catalog file.

After you have uploaded the file, Emarsys will validate it. If any errors are detected they will be highlighted and you should Discard this upload, fix them and upload the file again.

WE validatecat

When the catalog is validated and no errors are detected, you can Accept this upload. The catalog will now be displayed in the Current Catalog section with the status Publishing. After a few minutes this will change to Published and your upload has successfully been completed.

Once the validated catalog is uploaded, the search function of the CATALOGS box the in Dashboard becomes active, and you can search for products in the Catalog. Try it out yourself!

WE guide03

The product search takes you to the Product Info page, which lists all the contents of the product catalog for the given item. You should check that the Product Info page lists all product data as expected.

WE guide04

Keeping it synchronized

To make sure that Emarsys is kept up to date with changes to your products, a new (and complete) product catalog should be uploaded regularly. The only way to automate this is to expose the catalog on a URL on your system. Enter this URL in the Catalog URL for scheduled updates field and Emarsys will fetch a fresh copy according to the specified schedule.

WE guide02

By default a fresh catalog is pulled each day at around 22:00 in your local timezone. You can set a different schedule using the controls below the URL field. Past catalog imports and their status are listed in the Catalog List table below. With this step, you have completed setting up the Product catalog. The CATALOGS box is now fully active:

WE guide05

Note: If a scheduled upload is rejected for any reason, for example due to a significant drop in the file size, but you are sure that it is correct, you can initiate a manual update by clicking Update from URL now. You can also upload a new catalog manually from file at any time. The upload schedule will resume automatically afterwards.