Before you can start to send emails with Emarsys we need to make sure that your DNS settings, link and image domains and reply mail management are correctly configured to suit your needs.

You can do this in two ways:

  • Delegate a subdomain of your corporate domain to us (RECOMMENDED).
  • Configure your DNS settings yourself (REQUIRES ADVANCED TECHNICAL SKILLS)

You should discuss these with the Emarsys project manager who is managing your onboarding and agree on the best option for you.

If you are unsure as to what these settings are, please read the articles in the reference section before you continue.

Delegating Your Subdomains to Emarsys

Our recommended option is for you to create a subdomain to use for sender authentication and delegate this to Emarsys. In this way you still maintain full control over your domain but we can take care of configuring and maintaining the DNS entries. Emarsys will only use this subdomain for the activities described in this article.

What you need to do

You will need to:

  • Create your desired subdomain.
  • Create four nameserver (NS) records.
  • Inform your Emarsys project manager.

Then Emarsys will take care of the rest.


If your company’s domain is, you could delegate a subdomain such as or Assuming that you have chosen, you will need to create the following NS records:  IN NS  IN NS  IN NS  IN NS

Sender, link and image domains

  • Sender domain
    We will ordinarily use your subdomain as the sender domain, that is, this will be the domain that your customers see in the From address of the emails you send them. However, since this is also used to handle reply mails through Emarsys, we can also add a prefix to this if you wish, such as

  • Link domain
    We will also use your delegated subdomain to define a link domain, such as All the tracked links in your emails will be routed via this domain.

  • Image domain
    We also define an image domain, such as If you are hosting your images with Emarsys, this subdomain will point to where they are hosted and will enable you to take advantage of Emarsys’ global content delivery network (CDN).

Configuring Your DNS Settings Yourself

If your company has the resources to do it themselves, or is unwilling to delegate a domain to Emarsys, you can configure your DNS settings yourself.

IN this case, please inform your project manager and we will provide records for SPF and DKIM authentication and another record for MX and DMARC policy.

In that case, please read our Sender Authentication Guide carefully and discuss how you want to proceed with your onboarding project manager.


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