Admin menu -> DNS Settings

The Emarsys DNS Setting page is a simple interface where you can quickly and easily provide us with all the information we need to get your DNS settings configured and checked. We will also generate the input you need to configure your CNAME, TXT and MX records.

If you are unsure as to what these settings are, please read the following before you continue:

If you are comfortable with deliverability and DNS settings, please follow the instructions below. If not, just contact Emarsys Support and we can do this for you.

Open the Admin menu and select DNS Settings. Click Set up the DNS yourself.

DNS FastTrack opening screen

Setting up the DNS yourself

If you already have the domains and subdomains you need and would like to configure your DNS settings yourself, click I can setup the DNS myself. You will now be prompted to provide the following information:


1. The country in which you are based.

Select the country where your company is registered. This will ensure that you enter all the information required by local legislation.

2. Your subdomains

Enter the subdomains for the following:

  • Link domain – This is important for link tracking. You will need to provide a subdomain for the DNS host name, and later you will need to provide the Emarsys environment where your Emarsys account is hosted for the CNAME record (see below).
  • Image domain – This is the subdomain pointing to where your images are hosted with Emarsys.
  • Sender domain – This is the subdomain that will be used to create the email address that will appear to recipients as the ‘From’ address. This can also be used to receive replies from your subscribers. If you intend to use Emarsys’ reply mail management, tick the appropriate checkbox below. Otherwise, you have to configure this manually (see below).

3. Your privacy policy

You will need to enter a valid URL which points to your own privacy policy. The domain must match the domain used for all your DNS settings. In other words, your privacy policy cannot be hosted on a different domain.

Select your reply mail management

If you select Use Emarsys reply mail management, Emarsys will handle all incoming reply emails and you can use our Reply Mail Management to set up rules to sort and categorize different reply types.

Selecting this option will generate an MX record for you. It will also instruct Emarsys Support to set up the reply mail domain for you, and this will later be available on the Actions tab of the Reply Management page for you to use to create reply mail addresses.


If you do not select this option, you will have to manage your reply mails outside Emarsys. No MX record will be generated and you will have to set that up for yourself.

When you are finished, click Generate Records. The records of the selected domain are created and listed for the settings to be applied on your nameservers.


The records on the right side have to be added to the relevant subdomains listed on the left side of the table.

Note: MX SETTINGS are listed only if Use Emarsys reply mail management is ticked.

You can also Forward Via Email (e.g. to your network administrator) or Print the table with the settings.

After the necessary settings have been applied with your DNS provider, click Check Records to check the health of the domain.


All unhealthy elements are highlighted in red.

Click Go to Overview to return to the list of domains.

The Status column shows the health of your domains, highlighted in red if there is a problem.

Click preview-icon to Check for correct setup, click edit-icon to Edit domain settings or click delete-icon to Delete domain.

Note: After the settings have been generated and applied, it may take up to 24 hours for them to take effect.