Emarsys provides a large number of features to help you create effective email campaigns quickly and easily. Below is an overview of our email channel, to help you plan your first campaigns.


What kind of email campaigns will you send?

Email campaigns can be generally categorized into two types:

Batch campaigns

A batch campaign sends the same message to many recipients at the same time. Within this message, content can be targeted at different segments within the launch list using a number of personalization options.

Transactional emails

Transactional messages, or real-time messages, go out to a single recipient and are triggered by a specific event. Some events can be selected in the Emarsys application interface. These events can include:

  • Registration through Emarsys forms
  • Submitting other forms such as Contact Us or Change Profile
  • Specific dates (e.g. birthdays)

You can also trigger events via the Emarsys API or external integrations. For more information on the different types of transactional emails available, please see: Sending time-critical message.

How will you build your launch lists?

Campaigns can be launched to one of three launch lists.

  • Individual contacts – Read up on our different methods for sending time-critical and other transactional messages.
  • SegmentsDynamic segments, refreshed at the moment of sending, are the most common way to group contacts for batch campaigns. Segments can be created based on a variety of criteria, from contact properties, email response behavior or even geo-location data. If you are using Smart Insight, you can also use Smart Insight segments as launch lists. All segments can be further refined with other criteria and also combined.
  • Contact lists – You can also create static contact lists if you do not want your launch list to change.

Excluding contacts

After you have defined your launch list, you can then choose to exclude contacts in a different segment from the campaign (for example, if they have already received a similar campaign). You can also set a frequency cap for contacts so that they do not receive too many messages within a given time frame.

What content will you send them?

Emarsys comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive content management system which lets you create great emails with little effort, based on the email templates.

One of the main advantages of using Emarsys template is that you can predefine as much of the content as you like. The remainder can be added manually, or imported automatically via the API or an RSS feed. You can also create sections that are displayed only to those recipients who have certain interests, or to a certain segment.

Custom HTML emails

If you prefer to create your own emails, Emarsys provides an easy-to-use HTML and WYSIWYG editor. You can enter the content manually, or use the API Email endpoints method to send content automatically. Custom HTML emails do not have sections, but you can define blocks of content to send to specific recipient groups using the conditional text feature.

In addition, we have a number of other features to help you manage your content:

  • Personalization options – Whichever email type you use, content such as greeting, first name, last name, etc. can be personalized using the contact database fields. You can also define entire sections to be shown to different segments within the launch list.
  • The Media Database – Images can be hosted by you and linked directly in the text, or hosted by Emarsys in the Emarsys Media Database and added directly to the email.
  • Transaction- and product-specific content – You can also pull content from an external database, such as a web shop or product catalog, and add it to an email via the API.

Mobile Sense – responsive email design

All emails sent by Emarsys can be optimized to display properly according to the screen resolution and size of the device on which they are opened. For more information, please see: Mobile Sense.

When will you send it?

The Emarsys Email Campaign Manager has a simple interface for launching emails manually or scheduling them to launch in the future. You can set them up to launch after a specific event, and create recurring emails where the content is automatically added via RSS.

Customer lifecycle emails

In the Automation Center, you can create multi-step customer lifecycle campaigns where emails are launched according to the behavior or properties of the contacts as they progress along their customer journey.

External integrations

And of course you can use the Emarsys API to launch emails from an external application.

What are your success metrics?

Emarsys provides a comprehensive set of tools for displaying the responses to your email campaigns.

These include:

  • A full breakdown of the launch statistics, including planned number of recipients, those excluded by blacklists, poor email syntax, frequency cap, etc.
  • Deliverability statistics, showing delivered emails and soft, hard and block bounces.
  • Email responses, including clicks, opens and shares on social media.

Additionally, you can identify trends in response activity over time, break the responses down by time of day and days of the week, and see how many contacts are opening on mobile devices.

We also provide a detailed explanation of how we attribute revenue to our various channels.

Exporting responses

The total figues for each email can be exported, as well as a complete breakdown of activity by contact, either over time or per email category.