On this page you can find a timeline of all the new interfaces and endpoints that have been added to the Emarsys API.

All endpoints are listed on the API Endpoints List page in the menu on the left. Otherwise you can browse for them in the respective interface documentation.

If you have any comments or feedback, please use the forms a the bottom of each page – we’re always happy to hear from you.

Changes to the Emarsys API

December, 2016

New API Endpoints

We also added a new optional parameter to the Creating a Segment endpoint which enables integrators to create segments based on contact list.

October, 2016

We have extended the list of authentication sample codes with JavaScript (Node.js).

August, 2016

New API Endpoints

We created endpoints for our Relational Data Service.

July, 2016

New API Endpoints

June, 2016

New API Endpoints

Conditional email placeholders

When you trigger an external event, you can pass variables as parameters. You might want to display or hide some parts of the email based on these variables. You can use our conditional placeholders in this situation.


All endpoints relating to the SFTP authentication for auto-imports are no longer in pilot phase and are on general release.

API Demo site

We’ve also given https://api.emarsys.net/api-demo/ a bit of a redesign.

May, 2016

New API Endpoints

Pilot Endpoints pilot-icon

We currently have a number of pilot endpoints which focus on security:

These endpoints are available to all API users. If you have any issues or feedback with any of them, please contact Emarsys Support.

April, 2016

Improved link tracking now means that external links in content dynamically populated via the API are also now tracked. This applies both to whole emails and to individual sections.

We have also made some small changes to the design of this website, so that code examples are now better displayed and don’t require scrolling, making them easier to copy.

February, 2016

No new features this month, but we have linked to each of the endpoints on the [API Endpoints](/Emarsys-API/api_endpoints/api-endpoints.md] page so you can copy the URL directly from there.

January, 2016

New API Endpoints

December, 2015

New API Endpoints

November, 2015

New API Endpoints

New Integrations

October, 2015

New API Endpoints

New Integrations

September, 2015

  • Launch of the new Emarsys Documentation Site – All the Emarsys technical and product documentation has been brought together in this new website.