The integrations of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud can be subscribed to server-side events. Our platform can report, among other things, changes of our resources (like creation, modification or deletion of email campaigns), Automation Center programs, or customer settings changes. The platform can report these events to the integration via HTTP calls. Note that the call will only pass the changed resource; the latest status of the object must be queried via our API.

Please also note that setting up these events is a manual process, so you should first discuss your requirements with Emarsys Support. This feature is available for resource changing for a limited time only, so we recommend a different database synchronization strategy for frequently updated objects.

Our goal with this feature is to create an alternative for polling changes via our API, and make it possible for integrations to own an up-to-date database.


POST <integration_events_url>


Name Type Description
integration_events_url url Provided by the integration partner.
customer_id int The ID of the customer.
subject string The name of the resource changed.
event hash This contains details about the event, like the action (eg.: "update"), the ID of the resource, etc.

Request Example


  "customer_id": 111111111,
  "subject": "campaigns",
  "event": {
    "action": "update",
    "id": 1234567