The Emarsys Partner API is available for integrations. It provides access to the same endpoints as our public API, but the integration can make requests in the name of an Emarsys customer. Requests must be signed with Escher.

For each request, you need an Escher key (for example: suite_yourintegration_v1) and a secret. The Escher library must be configured with these values:

  • Credential Scope, which is eu/suite/ems_request.
  • Algo Prefix and Vendor Key, which are both set to EMS.
  • Date Header Key, which is set to X-Ems-Date.
  • Authentication Header Key, which is set to X-Ems-Auth.

URLs for the API endpoints are similar to the public Emarsys API, but their path starts with /api/v2/internal/<customer_id>/... instead of /api/v2/..., and the API itself is available at For example, Querying Customer Settings of the Emarsys customer with ID 12345678 will be available at:


If you wish to test the Partner API from the command line, we recommend using HTTPie, and our EMS plugin for HTTPie.