In the following steps, we illustrate how it is possible to integrate with the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud. We will use an SMS channel integration as an example. This example will make use of Automation Center nodes and a Single Sign-on integration.


Using the Single Sign-on, the integration can provide its own UI content by using an iframe to display the content as a page in Emarsys. For example, the SMS channel integration can enable you to edit the SMS campaigns via its own menu entry (i.e. Channels -> SMS Campaigns).


The integration can implement Automation Center nodes as well (see Integrating Automation Center Nodes for details), for example a node that sends out SMS messages. The user of the Automation Center can click the node, select an SMS campaign (Resource Options Endpoint) and the Automation Center will trigger the integration when a contact arrives at that node in the program (see Trigger Endpoint for details).



If an integration requires a more complex node configuration, it can use the Custom Node Dialog Endpoint instead of the resource options endpoint. The Custom Node Dialogue endpoint can embed the configuration interface provided by the service via an iframe.