We provide various methods for you to integrate with the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud. Our goal is to create a platform for seamless and deep integrations. Beside using our API, you can extend the Automation Center with your own nodes, create pages or page blocks in the Emarsys application or subscribe to events in our system.


We use the open source Escher library to sign requests sent to your service, and also to validate your incoming requests to the Emarsys API. Your endpoints must support the HTTPS protocol.

The Escher library should be configured with these values:

  • Credential Scope is specific to the service the request is going to. If you are receiving calls from us, it will be your credential scope, for example “eu/yourservice/ems_request“. If you are sending requests to the Emarsys API, you have to set the credential scope to “eu/suite/ems_request“.
  • Algo Prefix and Vendor Key are both set to “EMS
  • Date Header Key is set to “X-Ems-Date
  • Authentication Header Key is set to “X-Ems-Auth

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