Experiment Before You Code!

We offer an API-demo page for our customers, which has a graphical user interface allowing experimentation with API requests and their parameters. The responses to the requests are then displayed so they can see what to expect.

Check whether your access data is valid by making a test request to see what languages are available. The steps for this are as follows:

  • Go to the Contact Fields tab.
  • Leave the Language code field empty and click OK.

The response will appear on the right of the same page, including some information about the request. The following table shows the possible responses and the reasons for failure:

Response (replyCode, replyText) Possible reason Suggested solution
0, OK You succeeded, and your credentials were accepted. You should also see the list of the languages.
1, Unauthorized Something is wrong with your credentials. Check your access information again.
No response at all Something is wrong with your connection./The API URL is invalid./The Emarsys API is not available. Check with your IT support why you cannot reach the API (e.g. if the traffic is blocked by your firewall.)/Check your access information again./Please try again later.

If you have tried the suggested solutions without success, then please contact Emarsys Support.

The response of your request always appears in the top right of the page so, after sending a request, don’t forget that you might need to scroll up to see the response.