The Emarsys API provides programmatic access to the Emarsys B2C marketing Cloud. Most of our customers use our APIs to automate working with contacts, emails and exports related to contacts and launches.

The Emarsys API is available in the domain. For each API request, you need your username and secret for the API. Ask your dedicated Superadmin to create these for you. For more information see the Security Settings documents.

If you have already connected successfully to the API, you might want to move straight to the Use Cases, where we show you a number of typical API-related scenarios.


Requests to the API must be authenticated. The authentication method of our public API is WSSE.

The following is a list of examples for how to authenticate with this protocol using different programming languages:

Rate Limiting

Our API is rate limited. There is also a general 8MB limit for request payload size.

API Demo

We also provide a demo page where you can experiment with the API capabilities.

If you would like to test our API from the command line, we recommend using HTTPie (, and our WSSE plugin for HTTPie (


Some official SDKs are also available through third party developers.

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