Lists contacts according to the function used (e.g. Contact Registrations), then exports them as a CSV file. The CSV file is then uploaded to either:

  • A specified (S)FTP server.
  • An Emarsys Storage server (when distribution method is set to local), in which case the data is available via a WebDav connection.

Exports happen asynchronously, and the status can be queried using the Querying Export Status endpoint. Alternatively, it is possible to specify a notification_url which is called when the export is finished.


  • You can access the CSV data (Downloading Export Data) via API, but if you want to use WebDAV or SFTP, please contact Emarsys Support.
  • The (S)FTP server IP address must first be whitelisted on our server (for security reasons).
  • WebDav access has to be enabled first, and requires authentication to use.
  • The default time zone used with exports is Central European Time.

Export Endpoints