Emarsys Deliverability Abuse Management

Emarsys is the engine behind some of the world’s smartest customer engagement solutions, with over 1200 clients in 140 countries using our technology, including industry leaders such as eBay, ToysRUs, Canon, Zalando Lounge, Sky and A.S. Watson. We segment and analyze 1 billion customer records and send more than 7 billion personalized emails every month.

With such high traffic, abuse complaints do occasionally arise. Although we strive to prevent this, when they do happen we deal with them as quickly and efficiently as possible. Ensuring that only permission-based content is sent is our highest priority. This is why we work so hard to make sure that only the right content is sent to contacts who are happy to receive this content.

Filing an Abuse Report

If you have received an email that you did not request, we would like to hear about it immediately. Please take a moment to send us an email, making sure to include the full email header. To get a copy of the email header you will need to have a copy of the email and then follow the instructions here.

Submitting the Abuse Report

Once you have the email header, you can now submit an Abuse Report. Simply send an email to abuse-report@emarsys.com including:

  • The entire header of the email
  • Your name and contact email (this does not have to be the same as the address that received the abuse)
  • Your reasons for reporting the abuse (optional)

The report will be sent directly to the Emarsys Deliverability team.

Our Abuse Report Handling Process

Sending as much mail as we do, abuse complaints are an unfortunate reality that inevitably happen from time to time. When someone reports an email as abuse, we take this very seriously and any of our clients about whom we receive complaints are subject to a full internal assessment. Each complaint is automatically treated as an unsubscribe request for the originating address (i.e. the recipient who complained).

Upon receiving a user complaint we request from the sender:

  • Confirmation of that the address in question will be permanently excluded within 24 hours.
  • Proof of valid consent by the recipient (IP, URL and date/time of registration), to be provided within a couple of days.
  • And any relevant additional questions from third parties, to be answered within 3 days.

For more information on why we request this information, please read our Deliverability Policy requirements.

We do not tolerate any further sending to addresses that have complained about the client in question. Furthermore, recipients can request to be added to our discard patterns, which means that no content can ever be received from any of Emarsys clients.

Proactive Prevention & Active Abuse Complaint Handling

  • Our expert Deliverability Team at HQ is on hand to guide our clients from setup through to providing on-going support by applying expert industry knowledge, built up from years of co-operation with ISPs, regulatory bodies and recipients. Our focus is on the end recipients of our clients’ content, since optimal deliverability performance is only possible with high recipient satisfaction.

  • Abuse prevention is best taken care of during onboarding. As part of the account setup process, each of our customers has their current deliverability practices assessed and is given guidance regarding compliance with regulatory requirements, industry best practices and our own high standards.

  • Emarsys Deliverability HQ proactively monitors the performance of our clients to quickly identify and address any potential abuse issues before they escalate.

  • Emarsys has built discard patterns that exclude suspicious recipient address patterns from your launch list. We also offer several list hygiene functions, which process bounces and unsubscribes automatically, thus helping to keep your sending sender reputation safe. Please note that these mechanisms alone do not mean that our clients are safe from abuse claims.

  • All complaints are acted on instantly as we have a zero tolerance policy against SPAM or any similar violations of our policy guidelines.
  • We work closely with leading ISPs and industry regulatory bodies across the globe to ensure that our clients get only the very best advice. This has been formalized into our Deliverability Policy Requirements which are designed to explain the key factors to keep in mind and why they matter.

Ongoing Education and Support Provision

As the industry evolves, and new legislation develops, we keep our ears to the ground and filter through all of this to provide the most relevant updates in our blogs. Whether you are a seasoned deliverability guru or a beginner, our blogs present the information you need in an easily understandable format.