The highest priority for Emarsys is system security: guaranteeing the safety of customer data while offering a stable and responsive application that can be accessed by customers at any time.

When working with suppliers, Emarsys pays particular attention to ensuring that the security policies of these third parties (measures and implementation) meet Emarsys’ own standards and are implemented accordingly.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

High availability

Emarsys maximizes system stability across data centers by employing cross-site redundancy by design, as well as redundancy within each data center for all network components including:

  • Application servers
  • Mail servers
  • Database servers (Veritas cluster for DB failover; VMWare cluster)
  • Load balancers
  • Firewalls

Storage Clusters with Synch Mirror and Redundancy

Provider-independent dedicated IP addresses with PGP routers allow Emarsys to switch traffic to an alternative data center on the fly if the need arises without any significant impact on performance.


All user data in our databases is backed up regularly also mirrored at an alternative data center to ensure business continuity is maximized.

Backup with Replication

Emarsys Network Overview

The image below gives an overview of the Emarsys network.

Emarsys Network Overview