Once you have completed the Web Extend implementation you will have daily updated information available in your Emarsys account. This can be found on the Predict Dashboard.

Site Traffic

The first performance indicator is the SITE TRAFFIC box.

WE performance0

Here you can see summary information on Product Page views and total site Revenue.

WE performance1

Click SITE TRAFFIC >> to see more detailed reporting.

Contact Matching

WE performance3

The Contact Matching box displays the number of identified visitors on your site, and the number of matching contacts in the contact database for whom the Web Extend fields have been updated.

WE performance3

You can now use these fields to start creating segments based on the various behavior data provided. For example, you could send an email campaign to those who have been browsing your site without making a purchase. To create these segments, go to the Contacts menu and click Segments.

WE performance2

See Using the Contact Behavior Fields in Programs for more examples on how to use these fields for segmentation and customer lifecycle marketing.

The Dashboard will also alert you to any integration errors detected by the Live Validator by displaying red buttons in the relevant boxes. Use the buttons to click through for more details on these errors and suggested solutions which you can forward to your IT support team.

WE performance2

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