What is Web Extend?

Web Extend is the Emarsys data collection module. It collects data from multiple sources: your product catalog, visitor interactions on your websites and historical and offline sales data. Web Extend processes this input and serves validated data to various Emarsys features and products, including the Revenue Attribution page, the Automation Center, Smart Insight and Predict).

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Why should I be using Web Extend?

  • Web Extend serves data to various Dashboards used to monitor website traffic and revenue, and takes care of email campaign click tracking which feed the Analysis > Trends screens.

  • The Automation Center uses the contact behavior fields updated by Web Extend to build campaigns based on contact behavior using automated programs.

  • Smart Insight takes product information and purchase data from Web Extend to create customer lifecycle scoring.

  • Predict uses the website traffic data collected by Web Extend to build predictive recommendations.

  • The personalized shopping assistant Discovery also uses Web Extend data collection to learn about the browsing context of visitors.

What makes web Extend so special?

What sets Web extend apart from similar products is the Unified Profile. This is our industry-leading identification method designed to track specific individuals across multiple devices and channels.

How does the Unified Profile work?

  1. Web Extend tracks all visitors who interact with your website by dropping a visitor cookie (this is a first-party, one-year expiration time cookie). At this point, these visitors are still anonymous.

  2. When a visitor logs in to the website, the user is identified explicitly with a userID or email address, which is logged by Web Extend, and the anonymous cookie information is now linked to a Unified Profile.

  3. The same explicit identification happens when a contact clicks through via an email link (we attach campaign and contact identification to all links).

  4. Web Extend then matches all Unified Profile information collected to the contacts stored in the contact DB. When a website user is matched to a contact, Web Extend will update the behavior fields. This update process happens regularly, on a nightly schedule.

  5. Once a user has been explicitly identified to Web Extend, the user does not need to log in during future visits to be identified, as the visitor cookie is already linked to a Unified Profile.

  6. If a user is explicitly identified on multiple devices (logs in on desktop, and later clicks through via an email link on a mobile device), then the visitor cookies of the two devices will be linked to the same Unified Profile, and all future visits of the user on both devices will be successfully identified and logged by Web Extend.

How easy is Web Extend to install and maintain?

Web Extend setup typically takes 4-8 developer hours. It involves creating a product catalog to identify your products, and integrating our lightweight JavaScript API to collect website interactions such as user IDs, product views, category views, carts and purchases.

NOTE: The JS API data collection is integrated on the frontend, and is fully asynchronous, so it does not impact website performance.

We provide a step-by-step Implementation Guide and a number of validation tools like Inspector Gadget, as well as system monitors like Live Validator, to make sure data collection is always healthy.

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