In addition to our SMS FAQ page, we have gathered here a few of the typical errors and misunderstandings that can get in the way of your successful mobile marketing campaigns.

Insufficient credit

You need pre-paid credit in order to send SMS campaigns. If your credit balance runs out these messages will no longer be sent.

  • Batch campaigns – Emarsys checks the total cost of every campaign before launch. If the credit is not sufficient the campaign cannot be launched and you are notified of the reason. It will remain in the Create tab list and can be launched again as soon as your credit balance is sufficient.
  • Automation Center Campaigns – The program itself is unaffected, and contacts will still progress through the SMS nodes, but they will no longer receive any text messages. Contacts who pass through an SMS node in this way are then listed in the Insufficient credit row of the respective reporting page for that SMS campaign.
    If you want these contacts to receive the SMS after credit has been topped up you will have to click the row to save them as a list, copy the campaign and then launch it to them as a batch campaign.

A high number of contacts with invalid mobile numbers

The most common reason for this is that the mobile field in the database was inserted incorrectly, either without the prefix or with symbols such as -/.().

Make sure that the only non-numeric character is a + (plus sign) and that the numbers are entered in one of the following formats:

  • 431231234
  • +431231234
  • 00431231234

To fix this, generate a segment using the Mobile SMS Bad Number contact field and the value Is not empty.


With this segment you can create a contact list, which can be then either exported for correction of the numbers or excluded from any other contact lists.

A high number of contacts with no mobile number

This is usually because you don’t include a mobile number field in your registration forms, or you accidently imported your contacts’ mobile numbers into the Phone field in instead of the Mobile field.

Make sure your forms include a mobile phone field, and make it clear that it is in the interests of your customers to provide this information.

You can also check the Phone fields of your contacts and, if there are a lot of mobile numbers there, export the contacts and import them again with the numbers mapped to the Mobile field.

Low delivery rate

Here you have to understand the reason for the low delivery rate.

  • Hard bounces – This means the mobile number provided cannot be reach any longer. Thanks to Emarsys smart mobile filtering we won’t try to reach this contact again, but to be safe you should remove these numbers from your database and try to get valid ones through a targeted re-permissioning campaign.
  • Soft bounces – These are temporary reasons, which we do not filter-out. The reasons are usually to do with the with the mobile network (e.g. low bandwidth) or the email client (inbox full). However, providers might also block your message content if it is not compliant with their regulations, or if you do not provide an opt-out solution.
  • Non-compliance with local regulations – In France, USA & Canada, messages without a keyword opt-out to a short-code inbound number you can also expect a very low delivery rate.
  • Messages are with carrier – This means our SMS were launched successfully, but no acknowledgment came back from the device. They may or may not have been delivered. This can occur in some destinations more than others and is out of our control. However, Emarsys does proactively communicate these issues with our vendors and try to get a quick update.

Unable to insert the sender ID

SMS technology only supports GSM-7 Latin letters and numbers as the sender ID, so do not use any other characters. Spaces are supported in some destinations, but not all.

The sender ID did not work

If the sender ID was overwritten with a random mobile number, that means that the destination you have tried to reach does not support alphanumeric sender IDs, or sender ID has to be registered. If this occurs frequently please contact Emarsys Support for a list of destinations which do not support alphanumeric sender IDs.

More SMS part are sent than expected

The reason for this is usually due to non GSM-7 characters. Non-Latin characters will seriously reduce the available character count (70 characters for the first SMS part). If you did enter the content with Latin characters, please check your content carefully. Another issue can be if you copy and pasted your content, in which case some extra characters might have been included. We recommend not to copy and paste content.