Emarsys SMS allows you to get the best out of your campaigns, offering a best-in-class reporting tool providing you with all the available information about your campaigns.

SMS Reporting

In the campaign list, you can filter your campaigns based on their names, or you can switch between displaying Batch and Automated SMS campaigns. Here you can view the Analytics of each campaign, as well as Copy and Edit them.

Note: in case of Batch SMS only the unsubscribe link landing page can be edited, while with Automation Center programs, all settings are available.

Analytics Report

This powerful reporting page gives you insights into what happened to the messages you have sent in your campaign.

At the top of the page you can see the Campaigns Summary.

SMS Reporting Campaign Summary

Here you can see live progress of your campaign, with the total number of messages sent, their Delivery Rate, as well as other details, such as:

  • Unsubscribed – Contacts received the message and opted out via the unsubscribe link.
    Note: This identifies only the contacts who unsubscribed using a link. STOP keyword unsubscribes are listed on the Inbound SMS tab.
  • Hard Bounced – The mobile phone number does not exist based on carrier data.
  • Soft Bounced – The mobile phone number is currently unavailable.
  • Unknown Delivery – The carriers cannot confirm whether the message has arrived or not.

At the bottom left you can see the Original Launch List.

With our Smart Mobile Filtering feature, you can save the costs of sending messages to hard bounces and opted-out or invalid numbers, with no additional fees. The breakdown of these numbers can be seen in this table.

SMS Reporting Smart Mobile Filtering

If there are contacts listed in the last row, Insufficient credit, this means that they were blocked from receiving the campaign due to your balance being too low. If you want to send the SMS to these contacts you have to click the row to save these contacts as a list, copy the campaign and then launch it to them as a batch campaign.

At the bottom right you can see the Number of contacts reached:

SMS Reporting Contacts Reached

In this table you can see the statistics of the SMS messages sent from our platform. The possible statuses are the following:

  • With carrier – The SMS was submitted to the carrier and they have not yet returned a response.
  • Provider error – The provider did not respond to the message sending request.
  • Provider accepted – The SMS was accepted by the provider, but no delivery status has been received and none is expected.
  • Rejected (hard bounce) – The carrier reported that this mobile phone number does not exist.
  • Rejected (soft bounce) – The carrier reported that this mobile phone number is currently unreachable.
  • Delivery status unknown – The carriers return this message if they cannot confirm whether the message was successfully delivered or not.
  • Delivery successful – The carrier confirmed that the device has acknowledged receipt of the message.

Click on these statuses to generate a contact list out from the contacts in that row. You can then export this to use for re-permissioning, for example.