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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which fields should be used in Emarsys for mobile phone numbers?
    Mobile (system field) and Mobile SMS opt-in (custom field created when the SMS module is enabled for your account). Do not use the Phone field.

  • What are the valid formats for mobile numbers?
    Country codes are required, but the leading ’00’ or ‘+’ are optional. In other words, 4917756578912, +4917756578912, 004917756578912 are accepted.

  • Does the mobile number format have to be the same for all contacts in my account?
    No, all three variations are allowed, as long as they are correct.

  • If I send SMS to only one destination, can I avoid using prefix?
    No, please add prefix to each number.

  • Are spaces in the mobile number allowed?
    Spaces are allowed, but not recommended. If in doubt, test this by sending yourself a test SMS.

  • Does the unsubscribe link count towards the 160-character limitation of an SMS?
    Yes, it uses 22 characters.

  • Can I edit the campaign after I’ve launched it?
    For SMS messages used in Automation Center programs you can edit the entire message. For ad-hoc and batch SMS campaigns, all you can edit is the unsubscribe landing page.

  • Can I send SMS to my customers in different countries?
    Yes, but please be aware each destination will be charged differently.

  • Can I send SMS campaigns from the Emarsys Cloud using my own vendor?
    No. Emarsys takes care to integrate with the best vendors on the market, and cannot support every vendor.

  • Can I estimate the cost of each SMS campaign?
    Yes, Emarsys provides you with a detailed Campaign summary. For Automation Center programs, we can’t calculate the exact cost, as we can’t predict the amount of SMS that will be triggered.

  • What happens if the estimate is more than my current balance?
    The campaign will not be launched and you will be notified that you need to top up your balance.

  • How long should it take to top up the account balance?
    Only a few seconds, as long as we are provided with proof of the transaction.

  • Which currencies can I use to top up my balance?
    You can top up your balance in any currency. However, we will convert this in your Emarsys account into one of the following: EUR, USD and HKD. If you would like to use different currency in your account, please contact Emarsys Support.

  • What happens if I run out of credit in the middle of launching a campaign?
    If there is insufficient credit at the moment of launch the campaign will not be sent and will remain in the Create tab. Once the credit has been topped up you can send it again.

  • Do we have a frequency cap for SMS messages?
    There is no dedicated feature for SMS messages, but you can easily use the Automation Center participation settings to control how many messages a contact can receive.

  • Are soft bounces deactivated like email addresses after the 2nd launch? Or will they stay valid?
    The number stays valid, because soft bounces mean that the carrier’s message queue was full at the exact time of delivery, or the recipient’s device was temporarily unavailable, and therefore messages can still be sent to it in the future.

  • What other reasons are examples of an unsuccessful delivery?
    Apart from soft bounces, we have:

    • Hard bounce – The cell phone number no longer exists on that carrier.
    • Unknown – The carrier replied back with an “unknown” reason for the unsuccessful delivery of this message.
    • With carrier – The message was delivered to the carrier but they have not returned the status.
  • What happens if a contact changes a mobile number that has previously been hard bounced?

    • Changing a mobile phone number will automatically reset the bounce status for that contact, and they will be able to receive messages again.
  • Can I only send SMS to contacts with SMS opt-in?
    Yes. We allow only permission-based marketing for SMS as we do for email. However, since at the beginning no contacts have an explicit True value for the field Mobile SMS opt-in, we do allow to send to contacts with an empty value. Contacts with a False value for this field will not be sent SMS messages. As for email opt-in, you cannot overwrite this field in data imports.

  • What do I do it I want to use SMS for transactional messages, e.g. system notifications, which do not require opt-in?
    We have a feature that can be activated on demand which allows for certain messages in Automation Center programs to ignore opt-in. Please note that it is always your responsibility to separate unsubscribes from the batch messages. We suggest using two threads, one for batch messages and one for transactional ones. Please contact Emarsys Support for more information.

  • What unsubscribe options do you offer?
    Two option are available. The simplest (and cheapest) is to insert an unsubscribe link in your content. The second is 2-Way messaging, for which you need to purchase a short/long code (which is expensive), and then you can ask your customers to reply with a keyword to the message. Note that your customers will also have to pay for their reply.

  • Where are the replies listed?
    Contacts who have replied to an SMS campaign are listed on the Inbound SMS tab. Remember that you need a numeric sender ID in order to be able to receive replies.

  • Do I have to include an opt-out?
    Sometimes. If you are sending any kind of marketing material, you must do so in order to comply with SMS regulations. Transactional messages (such as shipping confirmation) do not need an opt-out.

  • Do contacts need an Internet connection to unsubscribe?
    Only if you use an unsubscribe link. “STOP” keywords do not require an Internet connection.

  • Can I integrate SMS with the Emarsys API?
    Yes, you can trigger Automation Center programs with external events, that can include SMS sending.