What is Emarsys SMS?

Emarsys SMS adds an additional channel to the core Emarsys functionality. It automates SMS text messages direct to your customers’ mobiles, triggered by individual interactions with your brand. SMS messages fall into one of the following categories:

  • Transactional SMS Messages

No opt-out information is required as these messages contain static information, e.g. system notifications, password retrievals, ignore opt-out features or other important updates.

  • Commercial/Marketing SMS Messages

A contact has explicitly requested to receive recurring updates from you by opting in, and needs to be provided with a simple and easy way to stop these messages i.e. opt-out. The unsubscribe using our unique short link is the perfect solution for such messages.

Note: As with email, you cannot use numbers who have opted in for one purpose (e.g. system updates) to send them other types of content (e.g. marketing content); you need to have explicit opt-ins for each type of content.

How does it work?

After creating your messages in the Emarsys SMS editor, you can launch batch SMS campaigns or add them as transactional messages to existing Automation Center programs. Emarsys uses a number of external operators to deliver the messages, switching between them when required to ensure the best deliverability rates at all times.

Why is it so special?

  • Emarsys SMS has Smart Mobile Filtering which will make sure that you are not sending your campaign to invalid numbers, known hard bounces and opted-out contacts.
  • As well as supporting the 2-way opt-out management using “STOP” keywords it offers a friendly shorten unsubscribe link to a customized landing page.
  • With no integration effort, it can be set up instantly in your Emarsys account and will immediately be available for use with all your existing segments and programs.
  • It can be combined with your other channels, so you can easily set up SMS fallback scenarios for marketing programs, create complex business logics and get full reporting in one integrated platform.
  • Personalization is easy, both for your customers and your product.

Why should I be using this feature?

90% of text messages are read within three minutes. You can take advantage of this channel to provide immediate information such as offers or on-event notifications. SMS messages also connect you directly to your subscribers without the need for an Internet connection or smartphone, enabling you to interact with them at any time and in any location.

What features are supported?

  • Recurring and on-event transactional SMS messages sent via Automation Center programs.
  • Ad hoc, batch SMS campaigns launched quickly and easily via a simple interface.
  • Unique short-link unsubscribe URLs leading to customized landing pages.
  • Smart mobile filtering.
  • Campaign cost estimator.
  • Full campaign reporting.
  • Credit system – know your credit balance at all times.
  • Dynamic sender ID.
  • Alphanumeric sender name (e.g. your brand name).*
  • Numeric sender ID (e.g. your Customer Support helpline).
  • Short codes.
  • Inbound message keywords.

* Can be subject to service provider compatibility.

How do I pay for it?

Emarsys SMS is paid for via pre-paid credit which you purchase through Emarsys Support. You buy this in your local currency, which is then converted into one of: USD, EUR, KHD. This credit is charged for each SMS part you send by the local carriers according to the tariffs of the destination.

As soon as you have credit, you can begin to send campaigns.

Your credit balance is always displayed in the upper right corner of the SMS Dashboard. Emarsys checks the cost of each campaign before launch to make sure that you have enough credit to cover it. If you have insufficient credit at any time, the campaign you are about to launch is put on hold and you are notified so that you can top up your balance.