Attributes are filters that you can use to customize your Smart Insight charts. Where available, they are listed to the right of the chart, and are grouped by category:

Smart Insight Attributes

Select the customer attributes that you want the charts to reflect and click Update charts to refresh the page. You can see at a glance how many contacts are represented and also quickly save this as a segment.


You can use these segments as they are (e.g. as recipient sources for email or SMS campaigns), or combine them with existing segments for more targeted engagement.

Emarsys provides a number of standard attributes by default, but you can also include additional filters during the setup process. Only the relevant attributes are displayed for each chart, and this is also customizable during the setup process.

If you want to save a particular configuration of attributes as your default view, click the Save icon at the bottom of the attributes column:


On many tabs, you can also export the data current being displayed by clicking the export icon in the top right corner:


Contact attributes

These segment the contacts by their status in the various lifecycles:

  • Customer lifecycle status
  • Lead lifecycle status
  • Buyer status

Or by their engagement and purchase history:

  • Days since last engagement – Defined as visiting the website, clicking a link in an email or making a purchase.
  • Days since last purchase
  • Total lifetime purchases
  • Total lifetime spend
  • Spent in the last x years – This allows you to filter for the amount of spend within a specific time range as opposed to the entire lifetime of the customer. The default time range here is what was defined for the Monetary score during the eRFM set-up (usually 24 months, i.e. two years).
  • Number of purchases – This counts orders rather than total items bought.
  • Average order value
  • Last order date
  • Last engagement date

You can move the slider or enter numbers in the fields. The range is defined by you during setup.


Purchase attributes

These segment the charts according to the products purchased:

  • Products
  • Product category
  • Brand
  • Department
  • Purchase attribution – The channel responsible for the purchase (currently email or other).
  • Campaign category
  • Campaign name

Start typing any part of the product or category name and dynamic search will display all possible entries. Multiple entries are possible.


You can also use the wildcard characters ^, $, .* and | in your search. This feature is available on demand from Emarsys Support, and works as follows:

  • ^den – Returns any product name that starts with den, such as denim.
  • den$ – Returns any product name that ends with den, such as garden.
  • d.*n – Returns any product name with these a d and an n in that order, anywhere, such as denim, garden or donkey.
  • gar|den|nim – A pipe can be used for multiple values and returns and product name that contains any of them, such as garden, denim or nimble.

Website Behavior attributes

These segment the charts according to their browse patterns:

  • Affinity to product categories – This shows only contacts who have browsed items in defined categories.
  • Days since last website visit – This helps you refine the chart according to recency.