The Smart Insight menu has four options, leading to the different reporting screens.

Customer Lifecycle

These pages give you an oversight of the status of the contacts in your database according to the lifecycle stages you defined during setup. These are based on eRFM scoring parameters, and categorize your contacts as one of:

Leads / First-time Buyers / Active Customers / Defecting Customers / Inactive Customers

The Customer Lifecycle tabs provide the following reports:

  • The Dashboard

    This provides a real-time summary of the success of your conversion strategies for each lifecycle stage, as well as drill-downs to the exact figures over the last 30 days.

  • The Customer Lifecycle tab

    This provides a side-by-side comparison of the different customer lifecycle stages and the buyer statuses, by total numbers of contacts, total spend and average spend.

  • The Lead Lifecycle tab

    This provides a similar side-by-side comparison, but this time of leads only, by lead status and by source.

  • The Average Order tab

    This shows the average size of orders over time, broken down by lifecycle stage, and also lists the most commonly bought categories when contacts converted from one stage to another.

Product Affinity

These pages list your products and categories according to the number of contacts who have bought them, or who are likely to buy them in the future.

The Product Affinity tabs provide the following reports:

  • The Predictive Affinity tab

    Emarsys uses scoring algorithms and machine learning to predict which categories a contact is most likely to buy from next. The top 30 categories are listed here by popularity.

  • The Past Purchases tab

    This simply lists the most popular products and categories according to the number of contacts who bought them (not the number of items or total revenue).

  • The Top Products tab

    This plots the most popular products and categories on scatter graphs, so you can compare their distribution according to how much revenue the generated, or how many contacts they converted from one lifecycle stage to another.


This page has two tabs where you can see your total revenue broken down over time according to various criteria:


Here you can see the settings specific to your Smart Insight setup and the parameters of your lifecycle stages.

The Account Settings tabs provide the following reports:

  • The Overview tab

    This lists your lifecycle stages and their parameters, and shows you have many customers and leads you have in your database.

  • Data Load History

    This lists the daily updates of Contact, Purchase and Product data, and highlights any unsuccessful uploads.