What is Smart Insight?

Smart Insight is the Emarsys customer intelligence module, designed to maximize the revenue from your customers by automating your retention marketing.

It does this by collecting data from all your touch points in a Big Data model and converting this into intelligent information using advanced scoring models and predictive algorithms.

Using the collective browse and purchase history of your web shop, as well as the individual contact response data from all your marketing channels, Smart Insight helps you categorize your contact database into smart segments based on predictions of their future behavior.

It then helps you to monitor how you are engaging with each of these segments, using cutting-edge data visualizations and in-depth analysis that give real-time values to each contact in each lifecycle stage.

Smart Insight is an integrated solution for marketers that utilizes customer data from various touch points in order to provide actionable intelligence focused on customer engagement. Smart Insight addresses the following primary requirements of data-driven marketing:

  • The need to collect, physically store and analyze continuously-rising data volumes
  • The need to convert data into actionable intelligence
  • The need to use this intelligence to engage with contacts according to where they are in the customer lifecycle

Overview of the Smart Insight data flow

How does it work?

Smart Insight Profiler

Emarsys collects your historical purchase data (default is last 2 years of data) and runs it through clustering algorithms, and makes eRFM parameter recommendations for you. These parameters will in turn be used to segment contacts automatically on the Customer Lifecycle screen.

Web Extend

This is an online behavior data collection script, which captures valuable information from your website and uses this for engagement scoring (contact behavior) and affinity scoring (product clustering).

Data Retention

Every three months, the Smart Insight database is purged of all e-commerce data older than two years. If you want to access data over a longer period than this, you can specify a different timeframe during the setup process – but please note that additional costs may be incurred.

Note: The age of the data is defined by the value in the order date field rather than import date. This is a mandatory field for all e-commerce data imports.

Why should I be using Smart Insight?

With Smart Insight you can set your own eRFM scoring parameters and create just the right lifecycle segments for your business model.

Fully integrated into the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, it encourages you to automate your marketing and experiment with innovative strategies for each segment.

Real-time reporting puts current and predicted future revenue on screen per segment, letting you decide where to spend your marketing budget for the best returns.

What can Smart Insight do for my business?

Smart Insight enables the storing of large volumes of data in a Big Data model, which provides real-time, clear, transparent and actionable intelligence. Smart Insight is delivered with built-in analysis algorithms focused on customer lifecycle marketing, which display their results on pre-configured screens. To populate these screens, Smart Insight uses data from external transactional databases in combination with automatically tracked website behavior and campaign response data from Emarsys.

Smart Insight is built in a user-friendly and focused way to make sure you actually use it, and not drown in an ocean of data and possibilities. It recommends clearly what you should concentrate on and what you should do today, allowing you to drill down and analyze where necessary.

You can use your own data to understand your customers better and target them individually, using their own behavior to dictate your strategy.

With built in, turn-key use cases per vertical and out-of-the-box measurement screens, Smart Insight gives you both the intelligence and the tools to target each customer with the right products at the right time, automatically.