On the Launch Time Advisor page you can see the comparative response rates for each day of the week, and for every hour in the day.

The graphs show the click-to-open ratio, i.e. when opens were most likely to result in clicks (and, hopefully, purchases). The tables below the graphs show a breakdown of clicks and opens as well.

These results are generated from all emails sent from your account in the last 60 days to a launch list of more than 200 contacts, and are updated once a week. For statistical relevance, hourly periods where fewer than 20 opens occurred are ignored. The most recent email campaigns (with responses tracked in the last three days) are also ignored.

You can set your report to analyze:

  • All emails
  • Emails in a certain category
  • Individual campaign launches


How can these metrics help me?

These graphs help you to understand the response habits of your customers. If you know when they are most likely to open an email, read the contents or click a call to action, you can time your launches for maximum effect.