On the Mobile Reporting page you can see how many recipients opened your campaign on a mobile device.

You can set your report to analyze:

  • All emails – This selects only those campaigns for which verified mobile responses are available.
  • Emails in a certain category – This selects all campaigns in this category.
  • Individual emails – This selects only one single email launch.


According to your selection, the following information will be displayed.

  • General analysis

    • The total email campaigns launched which registered mobile responses.
    • The total emails delivered in these campaigns.
  • Opens and Clicks

    • The total number of recipients who opened on mobile devices and clicked on mobile devices.
    • The mobile open rate and mobile click rate of the selected campaigns.
    • The mobile open rate as a percentage of all opens.
    • The mobile click-through rate (mobile clicks as a percentage of mobile opens).
  • Distribution by client
    • The mobile open and click rates per device.

Note: No drill-downs or segmentation options are available here, and for on-event and recurring emails the child email data is only available for launches since January, 2012.

Tracking mobile responses

You may occasionally notice variations in your mobile click rates. This is because mobile clicks redirect the recipient to a mobile browser, and mobile browsers are continually developing. We update our tracking methods to keep abreast of the latest technology, but it could happen that there is a short period during which the mobile rate falls because these clicks are being counted as desktop responses. The mobile rate will rise again once they are correctly recognized as mobile again.

Mobile opens, on the other hand, are recorded by the mobile client when the email is first opened on that client, and are therefore a more reliable metric.