Different reporting screens are available for different campaign types.

Ad Hoc Campaigns and Individual Recurring Campaign Launches

If you click reporting-icon for an ad hoc campaign, or expand a parent recurring campaign and click this icon for one of the child launches, you can view a detailed breakdown of the campaign responses in the following screens:

  • Results Summary – Displays the full list of responses for the email.
  • Individual Link Tracking – Lists all the links in the email and shows their responses.
  • Visual Link Tracking – Displays a preview of the email with link responses located above each link.
  • Click Rate Over Time – Gives a breakdown of clicks per day following the launch, as well as per hour for individual days.
  • Open Rate Over Time – Gives a breakdown of opens per day following the launch, as well as per hour for individual days.
  • Social Network Tracking – Shows how many times the email or a section in it was shared on a social network.
  • Mobile Reporting – Shows the responses on mobile and gives a breakdown by device.
  • Domain Reporting – Shows the distribution of the launch list by domain and gives a response breakdown of the same.
  • Deliverability Reporting pilot-icon – A new version of the Domain Reporting screen which is currently in pilot stage, with more detailed analysis of your deliverability by domain.

On-event and Recurring Campaign Reporting

Click reporting-icon for on-event campaigns and the parent campaigns for recurring emails to open the Trends page. Here you can view the response metrics over time.

Trend Reporting

You can also open the Trends page directly in the Analysis menu. Here you can define a custom selection of emails, by category, type or time period, and view the same metrics. This will give you a more flexible overview of trends across the entire email channel.