On the Registrations page you can see all online registrations, imported contacts and manually entered contacts as they were added over time. Contacts added via the Emarsys API, or synchronized from an external database via an integration, are not shown here.



The Overview tab shows the Total number of contacts currently in your database, as well as when the page was last updated. The graph below displays the number of new contacts registered for the selected time range (the default is the last two weeks).

In the table below you can click a date to see the breakdown of registrations over time for that particular day.

To create a contact list from your selection, click Show Contacts to display the Search Results page. Here you can see all the contacts in the report. As well as saving them as a contact list, you can also edit and delete them individually.

Per Contact Source

On the Per Contact Source tab you can filter the report by registration method. The options are:

  • Manual registration
  • Imported
  • All your active registration forms