Open the Analysis menu, Emails to see the Overview page for email campaign analysis.

Here you can find all the email campaigns available for analysis. You can search for a campaign by name in the Filter field, or click More filters for extended functionality:


  • Email categories are defined by you on campaign creation.
  • Overview for toggles between all emails and those created by you.
  • Status let’s you select only the last 200 emails created, for faster page loading, as well as searching through deleted campaigns.
  • Type filters the list by Ad hoc, On-event or Recurring campaign types.

The Campaign List

The table displays the email campaigns according to your search or filter criteria.

  • Click reporting-icon to open the analysis for the campaign.
  • Click preview-icon to open a preview of the campaign.

Recurring campaigns are shown with a plus sign before the name. Clicking the plus sign displays all the individual child campaign launches.


The list also provides a status overview for all emails with the following breakdown:

  • The Email name.
  • The Launch date.
  • The Status of the campaign.
  • The email Type.
  • How many individual emails were Sent.
  • The total Opens (%).
  • The total Clicks (%).

Hover your mouse over the Opens and Clicks to see the exact figures:


Note: The Status for most campaigns will be Launched, but campaigns that have been Tested are also shown, and on-event campaigns will have their status as In progress.

The Email Reporting Screens

Once you select an email campaign and click reporting-icon, the following reporting screens are available (depending on the campaign type):

You can also find a detailed explanation of the reporting metrics here: