A mail stream is the context in which emails are sent to recipients, rather like a campaign for marketing emails. A mail stream can only be associated with one template. You can modify the template (see below), but if you want to use an entirely new template you must create a new one for the new template.

The Mail Streams tab of Emarsys Real Time Messaging shows all the available mail streams, with the options to preview the template, edit the mail stream and star it as a favorite.


When you click the edit icon (or double-click the thumbnail), you open the page for that mail stream, which contains the following:

  • The Overview – Details of the mail stream and its change history.
  • The Template preview – The HTML and text versions and listing the tracked links.
  • The API demo page – Test your API call with sample content.
  • The Reporting page – All the responses for the mail stream over time.