Email recommendations are rendered as a series of dynamic images, each image showing a product thumbnail and other fields, such as title, price, etc.

The images are inserted into the email template using the HTML code generated using the Email Widget Designer. The dynamic images are renderered when the recipient opens the email. The Email Widget Designer can be found on the Recommender tab of the Emarsys CMS.


We currently offer the following types of recommendations in emails:

  • Personal – Delivers personalized product recommendations to email recipient based on recent browsing activity and purchase history.
  • Abandoned – Delivers last products abandoned in cart by email recipient, and product recommendations related to these.
  • Post purchase – Delivers complementary product recommendations to last purchased items.
  • Category – Delivers personalized product recommendations from specific categories.
  • Recently Viewed – Delivers the exact items last viewed by the visitor and may use Mail Personal widget product offerings to provide the required number
    of products.
  • Recently Purchased – Delivers the exact items last purchased by the visitor and may use Mail Personal widget product offerings to provide the required number
    of products.

Any kind of email campaign will benefit from intelligent product recommendations, including welcome emails, ad hoc newsletters, re-engagement campaigns, birthday congratulations, transactional messages. For example on how to use these widgets, please see the Email Recommender Use Cases and Examples.

Using the Email Widget Designer

If you are using your own HTML code, use the Widget Builder to create great-looking recommendation widgets to include in your email.

  1. On the Recommendations tab, select the number of items, the recommendation logic (the category path input field appears if you select the Mail Category logic), the availability zone (if you have an integration with multiple availability zones), and the link to field (if you have a multi-domain integration).


  2. On the Style tab you can make some basic alterations to the way the widget looks in terms of image dimension, horizontal or vertical layout, alignment and background color. The image size should be set to the dimensions specified for the email section you want to use in campaign editor.


  3. On the Formatting tab you need to select one of the preset currency formats or apply custom price formatting. In custom price formatting you are free to edit the currency symbol and the numeric display of the price while language field allows you to select the decimal separator by entering the language code:


Note: If the price format ends in .##, any trailing 0 will be left off the price (e.g. € 1,234.5). If you want to include the trailing 0 you must format the price to end in .00.

  1. The Tracking tab is inactive as all forwarded parameters can be added to email links on campaign level in Email Campaigns.

On the right you can see a preview of the recommender widget, this is also where you can control which product information the widget should display. You can display any of the data fields uploaded in the product catalog.


When you are finished, click Get the code. This will generate the widget and save widget configurations with a unique widget ID. You can use this ID to identify your design in email campaign editor.


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