What is Discovery?

Emarsys Discovery is a revolutionary, mobile-responsive, online browsing experience that can drive more customer spend. Powered by machine-learning technology, Discovery uses context-sensitive algorithms to bring the intimacy of a showroom to the online browsing experience, providing visitors with the best possible experience regardless of which page they open first.

How does it work?

  • Discovery appears first as a non-intrusive, button-type overlay on the page, with the text “Recommended for you”.
  • As the visitor browses deeper into the website, the Assistant will call their attention to some items we think are interesting, by displaying a set of Cards.
  • Once the Cards have attracted the attention of the visitor, and the Assistant button is clicked, Discovery opens up, and places an overlay on top of your site showing products individually recommended for each of your customers.

By this, visitors never have to leave the comfort of the page they started on – saving them dozens of clicks and page refreshes. Like a virtual shop assistant, Discovery learns about their interests while they browse and evolves its display, so they can discover products they would have missed otherwise.

Discovery performance is displayed on the Predict Dashboard, in the DISCOVERY section.

Technical prerequisites

  • Working Web Extend data collection implementation – You can check your implementation for critical errors on the Live Validator page.
  • Having a zoom_image field in the Predict Product Catalog – For better image quality in Discovery’s full-screen product views and on high-resolution screens, an extra catalog field zoom_image should be added to the product catalog pointing to the largest resolution product image. Minimum dimensions are 1000x1000px.
  • For highlighting discount prices – msrp catalog field – Items on special offer can be highlighted by using the catalog field msrp with the discount price. Having that added, Discovery will show a badge for discounted products.
  • For multilingual sites: localized catalog fields and language command – If you operate a multilingual site, you can show Discovery in different languages to different users. For this, you need to add localized product titles and categories to the product catalog, and you also need to implement the language JavaScript API command to tell Discovery which language version to show. Please see below for the list of languages supported by Discovery.
  • For Discovery on mobile devices: a mobile version of the website – For an excellent mobile or tablet experience you will need a responsive site or dedicated mobile version of your site. Make sure you have Web Extend data collection implemented properly on your mobile site as well.


Once you have all the above up and running, Discovery requires no additional integration effort or specialised IT resources on your part. Enabling and configuring custom settings are applied by Emarsys.

Custom settings

Enabling and customizing Discovery is fully managed by Emarsys Support with limitations:

  • Devices – displaying Discovery can be enabled or disabled separately for desktop, mobile and tablet devices
  • List of blocked URLs – Discovery can be disabled on some pages defined by a list of blocked URLs. For example on the checkout page to avoid distraction during the checkout process.
  • Highlight color (in hex format) – Defines the font color, the background color of the action buttons and the discount ribbon
  • Background color (in hex format) – Defines the background color of the Assistant, and of the Discovery interface.
  • Font – For the font family used in Discovery the options are the open-source font families supported by other Emarsys products, such as the Email Widget Designer.
  • Interface language – Supported languages are English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish and Japanese. For the desktop version only Chinese, Russian and Thai are also available. Other languages are available on request.
  • Currency – Can be set along with the interface language.

Browser support

On desktop Windows and macOS, Discovery is supported on the current and the previous two releases of Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari as well as on Internet Explorer 11. On mobile, we support Safari on iOS 8+ and Chrome on Android. On any other browsers and platforms Discovery is disabled by default.

Deployment process

Discovery is deployed in two phases.

  1. After customization options are applied by Emarsys, you can test and review Discovery on your site in action without your customers seeing it.
  2. If you’re satisfied with Discovery, it is exposed to your live traffic on the selected device types.

Discovery can also be deployed using a gradual approach, for example going live on only 10% of your traffic first, then increasing to 50% a few days later, finally going live for everybody when you are confident that your expectations are met.

Mobile Discovery

pilot-icon – This feature is currently on Pilot release for a limited number of clients only. If you are interested in participating in the pilot phase, please contact Emarsys Support.

Mobile Discovery provides a new and intuitive way for customers to browse your catalog on mobile. Referencing the Emarsys data collection scripts, it offers a selected range of relevant products as a set of cards and allows visitors to show their preferences with a simple swipe. Shortlists of favorite products can be built and this data can be later used for targeted engagement campaigns.

Mobile Discovery screenshots

If you have a mobile-friendly website with the Emarsys data collections scripts implemented, enabling Mobile Discovery is a breeze: just ask Emarsys Support to turn it on for you! Please note that Mobile Discovery currently supports Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

You can watch a short video on Mobile Discover here:

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