The Cart Recovery solution lets you quickly react to shoppers leaving your store by sending them a fast reminder email.

What does Cart Recovery do?

Cart recovery identifies abandoned carts by checking the data from Web Extend. A cart is considered abandoned when:

  • The cart contents have been modified.
  • The cart still contains items.
  • There has been no purchase since the changes to the content.
  • There have been no browsing interactions for 30 minutes.

An email is then triggered via an Automation Center program. This email contains:

  • The items left in the cart.
  • A Predict recommendations block with alternative and complementary product offerings.
  • Predefined layouts for state-of-the-art campaign design.

The cart recovery email will be sent 60-90 minutes after the cart abandonment, and only if the cart content has changed since the last Cart Recovery email was sent (so no duplicate emails are generated).

Note: no reporting is available at this stage on the Predict Statistics tab.

How can I get Cart Recovery up and running?

This solution is set up for you by Emarsys Support and incurs a one-time fee. This fee includes the customization of the predefined layouts and an Automation Center program:



The prerequisites are:

  • An Emarsys account that is properly set up and ready to send emails.
  • Web Extend correctly implemented.
  • Predict Email Recommender included in your Emarsys services.


These are the three email layouts available for use with Cart Recovery (including editorial and title recommendations) with different treatment layers on the top of the email. Please note that no responsive design is currently possible – only desktop versions will be created and displayed on mobile devices as well.

Layout A


Layout B


Layout C


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