Emarsys Predict is a predictive recommendation engine which uses machine learning algorithms to offer your customers the best products wherever they interact with your business.


To use Predict you must have completed the Emarsys data onboarding and implemented the Web Extend data collection scripts.

On these pages you will find:

About Emarsys Predict

Everything you need to know about this feature, including:

Implementing Predict Solutions

Predict recommendations are delivered in different ways, depending on the channel being used:

And some advanced features to fine-tune your implementation:

Best Practices and Examples

Some simple examples of how Predict can make a difference to your business.

Web recommendations

Email recommendations

Working with Predict

A guide to the Predict screens in Emarsys, including:

And pages to monitor the Predict solutions that you have chosen:

Additional Information

And in case there are any questions left unanswered…