The Mobile Engage personalization feature allows you to personalize a push message with contact-level data and external event data.

pilot-icon – This feature is currently on Pilot release for a limited number of clients only. If you are interested in participating in the pilot phase, please contact Emarsys Support.

You can insert personalization parameters into the Push message editor using {{ and }}. Between the {{ }} tags, you can define if the personalization is contact-level or driven by external event.

Contact-level personalization

Contact-level personalization is added using the convention:

{{ contact.<fieldID> }}

Where fieldID is the numeric ID of the Emarsys contact database field. You can use any system or custom fields for personalization.


Here is an example for a contact-level personalization using the first name of the contacts:

Hey, {{ contact.1 }}! Brace yourself, winter is coming.


Note: The IDs of all contact fields are listed on the left of the table in the Field Editor.

External event personalization

You can send external events which will trigger Automation Center programs and send out push messages. External event personalization is added using the convention:

{{ event.key }}

Where key is the key in the global section of the JSON object.


Here is an example API request for external event personalization:

  "key_id": "3",
  "external_id": "",
  "data": {
    "global": {
      "hero_first_name": "Jessica",
      "hero_second_name": "Jones"

You must include the keys in the editor to use the values for personalization:

Hey {{ event.hero_first_name }} {{ event.hero_second_name }}! Brace yourself, winter is coming.


Please note that external events can also be tested via the API demo. To access the demo, please visit

UI and Preview

At the moment, no user interface is present for the personalization feature, and the live preview in Mobile Engage is also not showing the personalization parameters. To see the results, you must test the message with the Test message function.