The onboarding process outlined here helps you to seamlessly integrate the Mobile Engage service. It provides a step-by-step guide to what each participant in the process does, and when.

This is an overview of your onboarding process with Emarsys Mobile Engage service.


As illustrated, there are three participants in the process:

  • You, as the application provider.
  • The Emarsys Mobile Engage service.
  • Third parties, such as Apple Push Notification service and Google Cloud Messaging.

The process involves the following steps:


A contract is signed between you as the application provider, and Emarsys as the push notification service provider.


When this comes into effect, you need to generate and upload a push notification service certification and a private key from Apple Push Notification service, and/or enable and generate a Google Cloud Messaging server API key.


Now it is time for you to finish developing the application, including integrating the certificates and other necessary elements. For more information, see: Integrating Mobile Engage.


Emarsys and our delivery partner make the necessary account registrations and create the links needed between Emarsys and our delivery partner.


Emarsys is responsible for the activation of Mobile Engage in your account. At this point two custom fields are created for you:

  • <Application name> installed
  • <Application name> push accepted

These can be used for segmentation purposes. Please note that if you have more applications, each of them will have these two custom fields added.


With the feature active, the integration of the Mobile Engage API into your application has to be implemented. For more information, see: Integrating Mobile Engage.


In this step, if needed, Emarsys can assist you in importing your contacts into the Emarsys database.


When all the above steps have been successfully finalized, it is time to send your first push message. For more information, see: Working With Mobile Engage.