The following list contains the most frequently used expressions in Mobile Engage.


An event in Mobile Engage is a message, sent from the mobile application. It consists of information about the device, the application and a certain operation completed in the application.

Mobile Engage API route/endpoint

A unique URL, where you can point your HTTP clients to interact with Mobile Engage services.

Emarsys contact ID

A unique numeric identifier of a contact in the Emarsys databases.

Application ID

The mobile application identifier used to identify the app. It is assigned to the application by our delivery partner upon its registration. Its format is ABCD1-23456. This ID is the same for all supported application platforms (iOS, Android).

Application Password

An Emarsys-generated token used to authenticate API requests. The Application Password is available on the App details page on the Apps tab.

Push token

A unique token, often referred to as "device token", generated by Google or Apple, linked to an application where push notifications have been accepted. Use getPushToken on both iOS and Android.

Hardware ID

A unique string to identify the device. (IDFA/IDFV on iOS and ANDROID_ID on Android. We use IDFA as default, but when ad tracking is limited and IDFA is not available, we fall back on IDFV).

The hardware_id can be obtained using our delivery partner’s SDK.

For iOS, the getHWID task is used to get the unique device identifier that is used in API calls. For Android, the getPushwooshHWID method is called to get the same identifier.

Mobile Engage database

This stores Emarsys contacts’ application installs. It consists of the Emarsys contact_id, the application_id, the hardware_id and the push_token.


The overall name of the device platform, currently iOS or Android.

Application version

The version number of the customer’s application.

OS version

The operating system version reported by the platform.

Push provider

The name of the push services used to deliver messages to devices.

SDK version

The value of the push provider’s SDK version.

Emarsys contact field/custom field

A JSON object representing a pairing between Emarsys contact suite contact fields and data provided by the mobile application.

Merge by field

A set of rules, applied when an anonymous contact – an active user of an application – is replaced by an authenticated user. A field should be defined with the information used for identifying users. Our recommended best practice is to use a hashed version of the user_id in the customer’s own system. Please note that this process is not supported after October 19, 2016.


A unique campaign number generated by Emarsys and included in every message from the campaign, including test messages. This parameter should be sent back to Emarsys in the message_open parameter, as this is used for message open statistics in Mobile Engage reporting. It can be obtained from our delivery partner’s SDK.