What is Mobile Engage?

Push messages open up a new channel in B2C marketing. They can be highly personalized, even to a 1-to-1 level, which has long been the dream of all marketers. With this in mind, Emarsys created Mobile Engage, allowing you to get in touch with your mobile subscribers – whenever you need to, wherever you need to, and with the right message.

With Emarsys Mobile Engage you can send remote notifications to segmented user groups across multiple platforms and devices.

Emarsys has teamed up with a leading delivery partner to offer a push notification service so that you, the application provider, can deliver timely and personalized push messages to your clients.

In this partnership, Emarsys provide their highly sophisticated tools for segmentation, personalization and content creation, while our delivery partner utilizes their expertise in sending large amounts of push messages.

What kinds of messages can I send?

There are two types of message:

  • Broadcast messages – These are batch campaigns sent to all subscribers without any segmentation.
  • Automation Center messages– These are segmented and/or personalized, usually transactional messages, e.g. “Joe has accepted your friend request”, and sent as part of an Automation Center program.

How is it constructed?

The following shows an overview of the architecture of the Mobile Engage service.


The main components of the Mobile Engage service are the following:

  • Emarsys Mobile Engage
  • Delivery partner
  • Apple Push Notification service (APNs – for iOS) and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM – for Android)
  • Application provider (you)

The service architecture also contains some additional supporting elements:

  • Emarsys B2CMC Marketing Cloud
  • Automation Center
  • Various contact databases and application user databases

How does it work?

When a user installs your application and gives it permission to accept push messages, a push token is generated. This is created using data unique to the application and the device. It is later used to deliver the push message to the device.

The messages are created with the Emarsys Mobile Engage service. When saved, they can also be added to an Automation Center program node.

Finally, the message is delivered to the end users’ applications by our delivery partner, with the necessary conditions for triggering them on the device. These conditions are based on customizations applied to the message in Emarsys Mobile Engage or the Automation Center. For more information, see: Working With Mobile Engage.