If you are using Smart Insight, you can easily integrate your Magento shop with it. This will let you:

  • Define the daily schedule to update your Magento e-commerce data in Smart Insight.
  • Make a one-off export from Magento to Smart Insight of all your e-commerce data for the last two years.
  • Include Magento Bundles in the e-commerce export.

Setting up an FTPS Connection

To set up your FTPS connection, navigate to System > Configuration > Emarsys Connect > Smart Insight.

Proceed as follows:

In the Smart Insight settings section, make the following settings:


  • Smart Insight enabled – Set this to Yes.
  • Export using email as identifier – Set this to Yes to ensure you do not create duplicate contacts.
  • Export guest checkout orders – Select Yes if you want to push anonymous order data to Smart Insight (this will be used to improve the product affinity and other metrics).
  • Execute at – Select the time of day for your daily data synchronization.
  • Include Bundle products – Set this to Yes if you want to include Magento bundles.
  • Calculated bundle price – Set this to Yes if you want to include the bundle price.
  • Last two years order export – Click Generate Now to export all your Magento historical sales commerce data from the last two years to Smart Insight. This is highly recommended. The export will begin at the next multiple of five minutes. The e-commerce data included in the exports includes the standard order information, such as customer, items, quantity, prices, item categories, etc. Please note that orders are only included in the export if they are in the states processing, complete or closed.

In the FTP settings section, make the following settings:


  • Hostname, Username, Password, Directory – These are your FTP server credentials.
  • Use FTP over SSL (FTPS) and Use passive mode – Select Yes for both of these options.
  • Test Connection – Click this button to test the connection.
    The button should turn green when successful:
    or red with a message if it fails: 

    Verifying the Daily Export

You should verify that your daily order export is working, also for guest orders. Proceed as follows:

  • Create a guest order from the Magento frontend.
  • Create a customer order from the Magento frontend or backend.
  • Change the status of both orders to Processing, Closed or Complete.
  • In Smart Insight settings, check that Export using email as identifier and Export guest checkout orders are both set to Yes.
  • Run the export manually.
  • Check that the sales_items .csv file contains both of the orders you created above with all the required fields (product id, price, quantity, etc.) correctly filled.


    • In the .csv file the orders which have a credit memo are also displayed with negative price.
    • Once the orders are exported the same orders will not come in next export as the queue is emptied.
  • Check that the products .csv file is generated with all the products related to the orders you created and that all the required fields (product id, price, quantity, etc.) are correctly filled.

Verifying the Historical Sales Data Export

You should also verify that your historical sales export worked properly. Proceed as follows:

  • If you did not click Generate Now in the Smart Insight settings when you set up the FTPS connection, do so now.
  • Verify that the .csv file created contains all the orders of last the two years with all the required fields (product id, price, quantity, etc.) correctly filled.

Magento Bundles

If you set the field Include Bundle products to No, your export file will contain only the product data:


If you set the field to Yes, then the Bundles will be included as an extra line in addition to the product data:


If you set the field Calculate the Bundle price to No, the price for each item in the Bundle is listed independently and the price for the Bundle is set to zero:


If you set this field to Yes, the Bundle price will display the total for all items in the Bundle and the items themselves will have their price set to zero: