If you are using the Smart Insight customer intelligence module, you can easily integrate your Magento shop with it. This part of Emarsys for Magento can be enabled in the Smart Insight settings section (System / Configuration / Emarsys Connect / Smart Insight).


If you choose to enable this feature, you can:

  • Make a one-off export from Magento to Smart Insight of all your e-commerce data for the last two years.
  • Define the daily schedule to update your Magento e-commerce data in Smart Insight.
  • Include Magento Bundles in the e-commerce export.

Setting up an FTPS Connection

E-commerce data is exported to Smart Insight via an Emarsys FTPS service. Emarsys Support will provide the credentials you need to enter in the Magento form:


The Test connection button can be used to check the FTPS credentials.

The button should turn green when successful:


or red with a message if it fails: 


Exporting the Last Two Years of E-commerce Data

The first thing you should do after enabling the Smart Insight integration is export all your e-commerce data from the last two years. To do this, simply click Generate Now and an export will begin at the next multiple of five minutes.

The e-commerce data included in the exports includes the standard order information, such as customer, items, quantity, prices, item categories, etc.

Please note that orders are only included in the export if they are in the states processing, complete or closed.

Scheduling the Daily E-commerce Export

After your initial export, a daily export will then run at the time specified in the Execute at field.

Magento Bundles

You can also include your Magento Bundles in the export; simply set this field to Yes.

If you do not wish to include Bundles, your export file will contain only the product data:


If you do include Bundles, then the Bundles will be included as an extra line in addition to the product data:


You can also define whether to calculate the Bundle price or not. If this field is set to No, the price for each item in the Bundle is listed independently and the price for the Bundle is set to zero:


If this field is set to Yes, the Bundle price will display the total for all items in the Bundle and the items themselves will have their price set to zero: