The Enhance Marketplace is where you can browse for add-ons that complement and contribute to the functionality offered by the B2C Marketing Cloud. Once you have enabled an add-on for your account, it will be available in the Add-ons menu.


Where can I find Enhance?

The Enhance Marketplace can be found on

You can also find it under the Add-ons menu in your Emarsys account.


What add-ons are available?

Enhance offers an extensive list of products from third-party technology vendors. Just open the Marketplace and select from add-ons that include intelligent personalization, mobile tools, loyalty platforms, automation, and even Business Intelligence.

How do I enable an add-on?

Emarsys partners provide an end-to-end service, from selling their product to enabling it and supporting it.

Browse or search for products on Enhance. Hover your mouse over an add-on for more details on what it offers.


Click the add-on to open the Enhance page for a full feature description and use cases. If you are interested, simply click Request a Demo and our partner will contact you shortly.


I am a provider – how do I get my add-on on to Enhance?

If you have a solution that would fit well in the B2C Cloud, simply register for our Enhance technology partner program.