Here you can find a full list of the functionality available via the Emarsys Demandware integration, as well as some use cases and examples for implementation.


Functionality overview

Below is an overview of the functionality enabled by the Emarsys Demandware integration.

Business Manager configurations

Newsletter subscription methods

  • Define the opt-in strategy for each newsletter subscription method (global footer subscription, checkout process subscription, and My Account subscription). See below regarding opt-in strategies.
  • Configure external events to be triggered once the end user has subscribed.

Transactional emails

  • Define and map the fields that will be added to transactional emails (order and shipping confirmation emails).
  • Configure the external event that will trigger a transactional email.

Predict configuration

  • Define and map the fields that will be added to the product export feed.
  • Choose the type of Predict product export:
    • Export only main product.
    • Export product variations.

Smart Insight configuration

Initial database load

  • Define the mapping between Demandware and Emarsys contact data fields and import your existing customers to Emarsys. Then use this mapping to create the auto-import profile (calling an Emarsys endpoint) and to create the .csv files that will contain the customer information. These files are uploaded regularly to the Emarsys WebDAV so that the Emarsys platform can process them keep your contacts synchronized between the two platforms.


All customer, order and product information is transferred from Demandware to Emarsys over a secure SFTP server connection. The integration does not process any customer credit card data.

Newsletter subscriptions

Allow end users to subscribe to newsletters from the website storefront using the subscription methods:

  • Global footer newsletter subscription.
  • Newsletter subscription during the checkout process.
  • Newsletter subscription from My account section for registered users.

Allow registered end users to unsubscribe from newsletters.

As stated above, you have the option to set the desired opt-in strategy for each one of the three storefront subscription methods. The available values for the opt-in strategy are:

  • Single opt-in – The customer record’s Emarsys opt-in field is immediately set to TRUE.
  • Double opt-in – The customer needs to click a link in a confirmation email in order to get the Emarsys opt-in field set to TRUE.

External events

An external event is a numeric ID, which can be triggered for a customer using the Emarsys API. External events are defined inside the Emarsys platform and can be used as triggers for emails.

Functionality currently not supported

Multiple currencies

The current version of the cartridge does not support multiple currencies or localization.

Using Predict with Demandware

The Web Extend JavaScript tracking code has been included in the Demandware integration so that this is automatically installed in your webshop pages. This generates product recommendations and maps contacts’ personal interests based on browsing information collected from websites (product views, searches, conversions). This information is collected by a set of JavaScript snippets embedded into website page templates.

The following JavaScript commands are pushed to Emarsys Predict:

  • Cart – This is placed on the page where the cart is shown, and sends Emarsys a list of the items in the visitor’s shopping cart.
  • Category – This is placed on pages which list products in a category, and sends Emarsys the category currently being browsed by the visitor.
  • Purchase – This is placed on the order confirmation page, and sends Emarsys a list of the items purchased by the customer.
  • SetCustomerId – This is placed on every page, as soon as the customer ID is known.
  • SetEmail – This is placed on every page as soon as the email address is known.
  • View – This is placed on every product detail page, and sends Emarsys the unique ID of the product being browsed.
  • SearchTerm – This is placed on the search results page, and sends Emarsys the search terms entered by visitor.


While browsing the site the user should be able to see the recommendations on the following pages:

  • Product detail page
  • Home page
  • Cart page
  • Search results page
  • Category page
  • Order confirmation page


Here you can see how Predict displays personal recommendations on a product page:


Use case and examples

Below are some example use cases for the Emarsys Demandware integration.

Global footer newsletter subscription

Contacts can enter their email address directly in the standard SiteGenesis newsletter registration field.


If the customer enters their email address and clicks the button, one of the following scenarios will be followed based on the opt-in strategy you set for this subscription method:

  • Single Opt-in strategy – The customer is taken directly to the Thank You page.
  • Double-Opt-in strategy – The will be directed to a Data Submitted page.

If the end user clicks the Submit button without entering the email address, they will be redirected to the sign-up page.


Newsletter subscription during the checkout process

Using this method, the customer can subscribe for newsletters during the checkout process, directly from the billing page.


The email field is a required field on the billing page in standard SiteGenesis functionality. If the customer enters their email address and selects the Please add me to the Demandware email list checkbox, the contact record will be created by Emarsys and the opt-in field will be set directly to TRUE (Single Opt-in strategy) or after the customer clicks a link in a confirmation email (Double Opt-in strategy).

If the user doesn’t opt-in, all customer data will still be transferred into the Emarsys database, but the email sign up status will be set to inactive.

Newsletter subscription from My account section

There is also the option for a registered customer to subscribe to newsletters from the My account section in the Demandware storefront. Just like the previous two subscription methods, the My Account subscription process will consider the configuration for the Opt-in strategy (Single Opt-in or Double Opt-in). Also, the registered user has the option of unsubscribing from newsletters by clicking a button inside their account.


Transactional emails

There are two types of transactional emails available with this integration:

  • Order confirmation email.
  • Shipping Confirmation email.

Order confirmation emails

As soon as a customer finishes a transaction the order data is transmitted to Emarsys, and the corresponding external event is triggered so that the confirmation email is sent. When triggering the external event, transactional information is transferred with the API call. The transactional information sent to Emarsys is based on the configuration made by the merchant for order emails.

Shipping confirmation email

A shipping confirmation email is sent at the point of dispatch. The approach is similar to the one used for order confirmation emails.