Creating your first widgets

To create a widget you must first create a campaign and a mailing. Proceed as follows:

  • Open the Add-ons menu and click Open Time Content.


  • Click New Campaign to create your campaign, and give it a name.
  • Hover your cursor over Create new Mailing and Tag and click the icon for the widget you want to create.


  • The widget creation wizard appears and you are first asked to create the mailing for the widget.


  • Click through the wizard to build your widget. Each wizard has its own requirements for the design and layout of the widget. In the last page of the wizard, the HTMl tag is displayed for you to copy and paste into your email.


  • When you are finished, it will appear in the list of mailings for that campaign. Each row represents a widget and they are differentiated by their icons.


  • You can open the tag to copy it at any time by clicking the preview icon preview-icon.

Adding widgets to mailings

If you use more than one widget in an email, you should keep them all in the same mailing for easier oversight and better reporting.

To add a widget to an existing mailing, proceed as follows:

  • Hover your cursor over the plus sign in the mailing list and click the widget icon in the drop-down.


When you have finished creating the widget, it will appear as a second entry in the mailings list.

Important: There is no check that mailing names are unique in any given campaign, so it is possible to use the Create new Mailing and Tag button to create a second mailing with the same name. However, this is treated as a separate mailing and the widgets are not grouped together in the reporting. For this reason you should always use the method described above to add a widget to a mailing.

Editing and deleting widgets

You can open a widget for editing at any time by clicking the edit icon otc-edit-template-icon.

If you edit a widget, you must bear the following in mind:

  • The tag does not change
    Once you have generated a widget, its HTML tag will not change, even if you change the design, logic or rules behind it. For example, if you create a rule and then decide to change the images in the rule, upon saving the changes, the HTML tag will remain the same. The next time you use this widget, the new changes will be visible.

  • If the widget does not use a template, the changes will be visible immediately
    For most widgets, the changes will be seen the next time a contact opens the email.

  • If the widget uses a template, you must reselect that template before the changes will be visible
    If the widget uses a template and you are using it in a live email, for example a recurring email in a program, any changes you make to the widget will not automatically be pushed through to that email. You must open the mailing and then in Step 2 of the wizard activate the Change template checkbox and reselect the same template. This will refresh the mailing and the changes will now be visible.

When you delete a widget, the tag will continue to display the widget if it is already used in an email, but the mailing will be removed from your account.

Copying widgets

You can copy a widget by clicking the copy icon copy-icon. You will then be asked which campaign and which mailing you would like to copy it to.


The widget will then be copied with all the same settings but with a different tag. You can now make changes to the copy if you wish.