Given the flexibility and wide potential of the Open Time Content widgets it can sometimes be a little daunting to know where to start. Here are some examples of how other Emarsys clients are using this feature.


Welcome programs

  • Personalized Images – Keep your welcome campaigns fresh with seasonal imagery.
  • Countdown Clock – Drive urgency to convert by counting down on a limited-time welcome offer.
  • Nearest Store – Link offline to online by showing new customers their nearest stores.
  • Social Feeds – Showcase your social media presence.
  • Image Optimizer – Test your new products against proven winners with every new customer.

Abandoned carts

  • Content Automation – Embed a stock availability tag (‘only 3 left in your size’).
  • Countdown Clock – Count down to the cut-off time for next day delivery.
  • Rule Builder – Show best-selling products as well as abandoned products in the reminder email. Show ‘New In’ products or offers from the category of the abandoned product.

Post-purchase campaigns

  • Personalized Images – Include a header image with an order status tracking bar.

Windback campaigns

  • Social Feeds – By promoting your social presence in your lifecycle emails you are giving your lapsed customers the opportunity to interact with you in a different way.

Anniversary campaigns

  • Personalized Images – Use personalized images for vouchers.
  • Content Automation – Show new products just in.

Promotional campaigns

  • Rule Builder and Content Automation – Show a live ‘who is buying what’ product feed. Add a contextual layer to your feed by displaying products being purchased in the location of the email open.
  • Content Automation – Promote new products matched to your customer’s preferences.
  • Content Automation – Rotate and show user generated social images.

Examples from the Sport and Leisure Industry

  • Content Automation – Show live betting odds.
  • Personalized Images – Show the live score of a match as it happens.

Examples from the Travel Industry

The Travel vertical is particularly well suited to take advantage of all the widgets to give the traveller the best experience up to the departure point and beyond.

  • Countdown Clocks – Count down to online check-in closure and change automatically to a countdown to departure time in its place.
  • Weather Targeter – Personalize the content of follow-up emails to the weather at the location of open and also to the weather at the travel destination.
  • Content Automation – Include live currency feeds, seat availability, up-to-date offers of hotels or car hire at the travel destination.

Success stories

  • One fashion retailer saw their email build time reduce from 4 days to 1 hour using Open Time Content. This freed up enough resources for them to send an additional email each week, featuring their latest products.
  • Another one pulled the latest Twitter and Instagram posts in their emails around Paris Fashion Week. They used a Open Time Content widget to show only their chosen hashtag for the week-long event.
  • A large grocery chain featured beautifully merchandised Christmas inspirations in a live Instagram Tag in their December promotional email.
  • One brand saw their app downloads increase by 42% from introducing Open Time Content device specific targeting Tags!