Open Time Content provides three levels of reporting, giving you an account-level overview as well as reporting by campaign and by widget.


The Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of all the widgets you currently have active in email campaigns. You can scroll down to view the reports or jump to a specific widget by clicking the icon in the task bar.

Each widget is shown with the most relevant metrics, aggregated from all mailings. These vary from widget to widget but include the total responses, breakdown of desktop vs. mobile, breakdown by device, and a global overview of where the responses occurred.


You can display these metric for the last week, the last two weeks and the last month. You can zoom in and out of maps using the plus and minus signs in the top left corner, and move the map itself around with your cursor.

Hovering the cursor over the charts shows the exact figures for that chart.

Campaign-level reporting

To open the reporting for a single campaign, open the Campaigns tab and click the reporting icon reporting-icon.

This opens the Reports page for that campaign, and shows you all the widgets that are used in all the mailings in that campaign. These are the same reports as shown on the Dashboard, but with metrics only for the selected campaign.


You can view the reports for an individual mailing by selecting it from the Mailing drop down. To return to the default All mailings view, click the x next to the mailing name.


You can also open the Reports page for another campaign by selecting it from the Campaigns drop-down, without having to return to the Campaigns list.

Widget-level reporting

When you open a campaign for editing you display the Campaign Manager, which lists all the mailings in the campaign and the widgets they use.

You can view the report for a specific mailing by clicking the reporting icon reporting-icon next to it.

This opens the same Reports page as shown above, with the specific mailing and campaign selected. If the mailing uses more than one widget, you see them side by side here.

You can switch between campaigns and mailings via the respective drop-downs, without returning to the Campaigns list.