Here you can find instructions on how best to include the Open Time Content tag in the HTML content of your email, using the different content editors available in Emarsys.


Where to place the HTML tag in your email

The tag should be added to the email HTML where the content should be displayed. The usual method is to create a <div> for the tag, so that you can make sure the HTML height and width are the same as what you defined for the widget.

Open Time Content tags are added to the HTML in same way static images are added. When building an email which will contain Open Time Content tags, we recommend using placeholder images that can later be replaced with the tag.


For example, here is some draft HTML code with placeholders highlighted in red:


These would then be later replaced with the correct tag elements:


Note that in this example the tag also contains additional HTML elements such as style and alt that the Open Time Content widget builder does not provide by default.

Placing the HTML tag in your email: The custom HTML editor

If you are using the old Emarsys custom HTML editor to create your emails:

  • Create your email as normal using the custom HTML Email Editor. Once your widget is ready, simply copy the HTML Tag and paste it in the email editor where you want your Open Time Content Widget to appear.


  • Save your changes and check the widget in the preview.


If you are using the new custom HTML editor:

  • Paste the tag in the Source Code pane on the left and it will immediately appear in the preview window on the right.


Placing the HTML tag in your email: The old template-based email editor

If you are using the standard template-based email editor, you should add each widget in its own section. You can do this in two ways.

1. Add the URL and Image source separately

  • From the tag, copy the URL part.


  • Then insert this into the Link field of the section editor.


  • Now copy from the tag the image source path.


  • And past this into the Image field of the section editor.


2. Using Advanced Mode

  • Open the section where you want to insert the widget, select the Advanced options on the left and click Switch to Advanced mode.


  • This will open the HTMl editor for that section. Paste the tag into the editor and save. Your tag should immediately be visible in the preview pane.


Placing the HTML tag in your email: The new block-based content editor

If you are using the new block-based email editor, you will need to add blocks for the widgets to the templates you are going to use. Proceed as follows:

  • Create a new template or open an existing one for editing.
  • Create a new block and give it the same name as the widget you will use.
  • Paste the tag into the block source. You will now see the widget in the preview on the right


  • Click save and the new block will now be available for you to insert into campaigns using this template.
  • Repeat this process for all the widgets you want to use in your emails.