What is Open Time Content?

Open Time Content is contextualized personalization, delivered in real time. A variety of widgets are available to display different types of content, dynamically updated when recipients open the email. Here are just a few examples of how it can transform your messages:


How does it work?

Emarsys Open Time Content widgets are content placeholders, embedded as HTML tags in email campaigns to provide dynamic content, in real time, as customers access the email. This content can be taken automatically from your website, product feed or social feed and then further personalized to the customer’s context or behavior at the point of opening. All content is always delivered in the form of an image file, usually with an associated click-through URL.

Open Time Content widgets are easily created within the Emarsys user interface. Each widget results in an HTML tag that can be simply pasted into your email template; from then on the tag does the work.

Widgets can be used in multiple campaigns at the same time, and can be grouped together for easy overview and reporting.

Why should I use Open Time Content?

  • Always relevant – Since content is taken live from websites, social feeds and product feeds it will always be in season, on trend and up to date. You can set up automated programs and forget about them, confident that they will be as relevant in six months are they are today.
  • Personalized engagement – Take personalization beyond simple preferences and tailor it to the time and place where the customer interacts with your brand.
  • Stock management – Always promote the latest products and offers at the time of access, with no extra effort. Automate stock clearance campaigns to pick the right items to promote, every day.
  • Better Marketing ROI – Deliver high-quality emails more frequently without increasing your budget or headcount. Open Time Content has an intuitive user interface which lets you set up your rules in minutes.
  • Better engagement – Give your customers an engaging email experience each and every time an email is opened, and watch the results improve. Open Time Content is known to increase CTRs by 20% on average.

What widgets are available?

Open Time Content offers the following widgets:

How easy is it to set up?

Very. If you want to activate this feature, just contact your CSM for a price quote. Then it is simply a case of designing your widgets, getting the HTML tags and adding them to emails, which takes literally minutes. For more information, see: