pilot-icon – This feature is currently on Pilot release for a limited number of clients only. If you are interested in participating in the pilot phase, please contact Emarsys Support.


What is Incentive Recommendation?

The Incentive Recommendation feature is a landmark product on our journey towards truly 1-to-1 personalization. We analyze your campaign launch lists to identify which customers are more likely to purchase when offered an incentive, and then assign the most efficient incentive to each one.

In other words, instead of sending the same incentive to the whole launch list, or grouping them in broad categories, you simply define the range of incentives you want, and we decide which one to send to each customer on a case-by-case basis.

How does it work?

You upload a series of incentives in the form of images or HTML code snippets to Emarsys and assign a value to each one (it is up to you to provide the voucher code or landing page that will allow you to process the incentive). We then use behavior data to predict your customers’ responses – for example, whether 5% off would be enough to influence their decision, or if they would require a full 25% off before considering a purchase. Based on this behavior history, and taking into account the additional settings you apply to the smart incentives, we decide which incentive to display to each contact.

If we decide that a contact requires no incentive, this content is simply removed from the email (you should design your email to allow for this). Additionally, you can use a control group to measure the effectiveness of this feature. If you choose to do this, a percentage of contacts are selected at random and all are sent the fixed, default incentive instead of a smart incentive.

How do I get started?

Contact Emarsys Support to have Incentive Recommendation enabled for your account. The next step is to create the incentives. Currently, these can only be one-time percentage reductions. However, fixed-amount coupons, free shipping offers and other discounts are planned for a future version. Once created, the incentives are added to the email campaign as placeholders in the email.

At the same time, you decide how conservative or aggressive the campaign should be. Being more aggressive means that more contacts receive more valuable incentives, incurring higher costs on your side.

To help your decisions, the Strategy tab provides graphs which show our predictions of costs and revenue for your selections. As you move the slider, the diagrams change accordingly.

How does this affect my email campaigns?

The goal of Incentive Recommendation is to make sure the revenue you are foregoing with the incentives is not wasted. If our algorithm decides that a recipient has a good probability of making a purchase, the incentive placeholder will be removed and they will not see that content.

The missing incentive will be replaced by an empty (white) pixel; you should therefore add the incentive placeholder in such a way that the email will still look good if it is not there.

What reporting is available?

Incentives reporting is available on a campaign level, for any campaign in the Email Analysis page with an incentive icon incentive-icon next to it. On the Incentive Reporting tab for these emails, you have a full breakdown of the metrics for each incentive sent with that campaign.


Additionally, you can see the aggregated metrics for incentives across all the campaigns that used them, on the Reporting tab of the Incentive Recommendation page.